Two Black Felons Arrested for Shooting Spree That Left White Woman Dead

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 2, 2020

Marquise Tolbert, left, and William Tolliver

The man on the left has 21 arrests.


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Q13 Fox:

Officers with the Department of Corrections NW Community Response Unit and SW Community Response Unit working with Seattle Police, the U.S. Marshals Western District of Washington Violent Offender Task Force and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department located and arrested Marquise Tolbert and William Tolliver today.

After developing information the two men were at the Rio hotel, U.S. Marshals and Las Vegas Metro PD officers conducted surveillance until they spotted the fugitives together. A team moved in and safely took both of them into custody.

Tolbert has 21 arrests. Some of his most recent convictions are felonies. In June of 2018, police say he stole $1,000 dollars’ worth of goods from a Target in King County and tried to evade police when they tried to arrest him.

William Tolliver has 44 arrests. Some of his most recent cases involve domestic violence. In May of 2019, a woman who has a child with Toliver filed a restraining order, saying Tolliver put a gun to her and threatened to kill her, their child and others.


The only person killed when eight people were shot in Wednesday’s downtown shoot out was described by close friends as a nurturing, big-hearted person who acted as a caretaker for people who shared struggles like she had.

“She was just an outgoing person,“ said Donella Young-Rials, who said she had been friends with 50-year-old Tonya Jackson for two decades.

“She had come such a long way,“ Young-Rials said. “She was doing really good after all she’d been through.”

Tonya Jackson