Two 22-Year-Old Women Talk About Being Happily Married to Men 3 Decades Older Than Them

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 24, 2019

The Daily Mail published two separate articles talking about two different 22-year-old women being married to men who are at least 3 decades older than them.

This is the first couple:

This is the second couple:

There are lessons to be learned here.

Let’s go over their stories and see what they reveal.

Starting with the first couple.

You can immediately notice two things: that the man looks quite average and that she is slimmer than him.

Daily Mail:

A married couple – with 32 years between them – have slammed rude strangers for assuming they’re father and daughter.

Chelsea Maynard, 22, who lives with her husband Bruce, 52, in Tennessee, claims she has been handed children’s menus in restaurants when she dines with her husband, Bruce, 52, and is often stared at by members of the public.

But defiant Chelsea says they’re happier than ever after first meeting in a coffee shop in their hometown.

Bruce, a retired car dealer, offered his recommendations on coffee and the pair hit it off from there – they have been inseparable ever since they met in 2017.

‘We don’t care what anyone thinks – I feel like the luckiest girl in the world for meeting Bruce in a random Viking coffee shop,’ she explained.

I couldn’t understand the menu so Bruce came over to help me with what coffee I should order, I then sat with him and we connected straight away.

Before I knew it, an hour-and-a-half had passed, I called in sick to my previous job as a cashier as I didn’t want to leave.

She added: ‘My family are very open-minded and they haven’t got a problem with us, but it is people in the street or our town who stare and make comments.’

Important points to keep in mind before we continue to the other couple’s story:

  1. Bruce is a retired car dealer, which means he has experience in sales and interacting with people
  2. They met at a coffee shop, which is an everyday place that is free of sexual connotations
  3. Bruce didn’t waste the opportunity to interact with Chelsea using the menu and coffee recommendations as an excuse
  4. They allegedly talked for an hour-and-a-half during their first interaction
  5. Chelsea’s family doesn’t have a problem with her husband

Moving on to the second couple, I want to start by saying that the woman looks like a female Ellen Page and that the man (no offense to him, I’m sure he’s cool) looks like one of those Innsmouth fish men from Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.

The second couple

Innsmouth resident

Ellen Page

When reading their story, keep an eye open to spot what they have in common with the previous couple.

Daily Mail:

A couple with a 33-year age gap said it was ‘love at first sight’ when they met at a bowling alley.

Arizona-native Elizabeth Bonanno, 22, met credit analyst, Keith, 55, from Ohio in December 2018 and revealed that the duo ‘connected instantly’.

Elizabeth said that she had been in a ‘bad place mentally due to a previous relationship’ but dad-of-three Keith has managed to restore her faith in love after she endured a tough break-up.

Keith and I were in the same bowling league, and we were paired to bowl against each other in December 2018 right before Christmas,’ Elizabeth said.

I was in a very bad place mentally and he pulled me out of it like it was nothing. He was a stranger to me and then all of a sudden, I had a new best friend.’

I believe it was love at first sight because of the way we clicked immediately. Honestly what we both have come to figure out is that what attracted us the most to each other was our personality and the way we love to help others.’

‘Keith helped me realize how important self-health is after I left my previous relationship. I didn’t know what to do, initially I was going to leave town, but something at 4:30 in the morning told me to call Keith.’

He answered on the first ring. I told him that I was leaving, and I left the man that I was with. He says please come to me and let’s talk about it.’

Elizabeth revealed that Keith asked her to stay and let him be a shoulder to cry on.

‘He said, “Let me hold you so you know you are safe.” Once I realized that, I fell in love with my best friend, a man I never thought I could be in love with,’ Elizabeth said.

Initially, Keith’s family was a little skeptical about their age gap. However, his three children Justin, 26, McKayla, 18, and Scotty, 15, were all very happy for him.

The unlikely couple added that Keith ‘won over’ Elizabeth’s family, who were initially concerned about the three decade age difference.

The couple shared that they have since been trying for a baby, but have been struggling due to Elizabeth having polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

However, they remain hopeful and have agreed to continue trying.

‘We would love to have children or a child of our own, but we are having a hard time conceiving because I have PCOS,’ Elizabeth revealed.

‘The age gap has never been a problem to either one of us. To me, age is just a number and the same goes for him. If two people are happy then that’s all that should matter,’ Elizabeth said.

‘His family was a little concerned at first but now they have warmed up; his kids were all for it right away — as long as he is happy, they’re happy.’

My family — well it’s been rough but recently he has met a ton of my family and they have all just fallen in love with him,’ she added.

This man can be considered quite average looking too, and like Chelsea from the first couple, Elizabeth is slimmer than him.

Now, these are important points to note:

  1. They met in a bowling alley, which is similar to the covfefe shop from the first story, in that it doesn’t have strong sexual connotations
  2. Keith is charismatic; he has “won over” her skeptical family after meeting them and managed to leave a great impression on her after meeting in the bowling alley
  3. Elizabeth says what attracts them the most to each other is their personalities

Additionally, you can notice that in both stories, the men are not particularly wealthy.

Older men meeting women in everyday places such as coffee shops or bowling alleys results in a “it just happened” rationalization inside the woman’s mind, while older men trying to meet women in clubs or places associated with dating is much more likelier to be labeled as “just creepy.”

These women are not gold-diggers.

They’re daddy-diggers.

These men are not Hollywood stars. They’re just normal-looking 50-something guys that didn’t hesitate to interact with the opposite sex.

You can learn from their story.

Putting yourself out there and being social can get you women even if you’re lacking a six-pack and shit-tons of money. You don’t need to be perfect in order to have sex with women, you just need to interact with them on a regular basis while keeping a base-level of social competence.

Men and women are designed to have sex. Nature is working in your favor, but it can’t do much for you in this regard if you don’t interact with the opposite sex.

Be unapologetic about being social. Humans are social and you’re human.

Practice your social skills and talk with everyone, not just with women (especially if you’re in your teens). Grow your network and increase your influence.

You can get results without being perfect.

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