Twitter Updates Rules About What You’re Allowed to Say About Alleged Coronavirus

Twitter is just trying to keep you safe by controlling what you’re allowed to think.

Thoughts can be dangerous, and this is really no different than a mother telling her kids they can’t watch porn. Or telling their kids it’s healthy to watch porn, I mean.

It’s no different than teaching first graders how to masturbate by showing them masturbation videos. We have to teach first graders to masturbate, or they could grow up to be anti-vaxers.

This is what democracy is all about.

You can’t just go around having people thinking different types of things.

The virus or the vaccine or whatever doesn’t shed. It’s been proven by The Science.

Or I mean, it can shed the vaccine but not the virus. But the virus does exist, even though the vaccine has nothing to do with the virus.

That tweet now clearly breaks the rules, so here’s the image, just so you can understand how evil Pfizer is for spreading this deadly disinformation about the Pfizer vaccine.

Pfizer and the FDA have launched a full-scale attack on the sanctity of our values. Screenshots from FDA websites reviewing data from Pfizer are literally killing people by disinforming them so they won’t take the Pfizer vaccine recommended by the FDA.

Our entire democracy is on the line here.

Just going around talking about different things, or thinking different thoughts about stuff the media and the government says – that’s not who we are.