Twitter Suspends mRNA Vax Inventor Robert Malone, No Reason Given

Robert Malone was effectively the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology. No one really denied that until he came out and started criticizing Fauci’s Secret Serum.

He’d been trying really hard not to get banned from Twitter, so he could share his expert views on the whole virus and vax debacle. He talked about how he was using his words very carefully during a recent interview where he went all in with Stew Peters, out of fear of banning.


But they of course just went ahead and banned him anyway, for no reason, because whatever – it’s against the law to disagree with Anthony Fauci or anyone else who works for the Democrat Party.


Dr. Robert W. Malone, a virologist who worked on mRNA technology in the 1980s, and a critic of the technology’s use in coronavirus vaccines, has been suspended from Twitter.

It is unclear what led to Malone’s suspension, or if the ban is permanent. Breitbart News has reached out to Twitter for comment.

A virologist and immunologist who started his career at the Salk Institute, Malone was involved in mRNA technology in a number of studies in the 1980s and 1990s.

In 1987, he performed an experiment on the transfection of RNA into human, rat, mouse, Xenopus, and Drosophila cells.

In 1990, he collaborated with Jon A. Wolff, Dennis A. Carson, and others on a study into the possibility of synthesizing mRNA in a laboratory to trigger the production of desired proteins.

Since the pandemic began, Malone has sharply criticized the use of mRNA technology in coronavirus vaccines.

The banning hasn’t even begun to begin.

A year from now, right now will seem like a time of great free speech.

The only people who will be left on the “right” are Ben Shapiro and Ezra Levant. Oh, and Jordan Peterson, if he doesn’t OD on benzos first.

We need some kind of a solution here, folks.

All of the money donated for the free speech platforms is just getting sucked up into a vacuum.

All of these various promises have been made, but none has delivered.

Look at Parler.


Right now, I’ll say both and are holding it down, in terms of just making video content available.

But where to have a conversation?