Twitter Suspends Alex Jones as Reptilian Overlords Sink Sharp Teeth Into @jack

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2018

@jack previously refused to go with the flow and ban Alex Jones, now Twitter appears to be testing the waters for a ban with a one week suspension.

CNN Money:

The news was first shared by an InfoWars personality, who tweeted a screenshot of Jones’ Twitter account — indicating the company limited some of Jones’ account features temporarily.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the authenticity of the screenshot. The spokesperson said the content which prompted Twitter to suspend Jones was a video published Tuesday in which he said, “Now is time to act on the enemy before they do a false flag.”

Are they going for a “lol force Alex to censor himself to prevent suspension to the point he’s practically banned but not officially” kind of strategy?

Or is this a bone they’re throwing to release some pressure off of Twitter and @jack?

Doesn’t really matter.

Don’t forget this.

Literally, yes – do that.

Write letters to PayPal and his domain registry and ask why he’s still allowed on their platform when he’s already been convicted in internet court of being a Nazi.

And contact the App Store and report abuse.

Also, point this out to the already organized mob of leftists attacking him. Ask why he still has payment processors and a domain.

It’s an act of tough love, Alex. 

And this.

Forget about any animosity you may have against Jones. Bury it.

Now is the time to stand behind him.

Or, as in the better metaphor, on his large, fat back.

We will feed him slices of squash as we ride (that isn’t a metaphor, I actually imagine he enjoys eating large pieces of uncooked squash).

Now’s a good time to kick it up a notch and demand they take more permanent measures.

Ride the elephant.