Twitter Says Trump’s #FraudNewsCNN Wrestling Tweet Does Not Violate Terms of Service

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 3, 2017

After the President of America Donald Trump tweeted a video showing him body slamming and punching #FraudNewsCNN in a doctored WWE wrestling clip, the media went nuts. They claimed he was inciting violence against reporters. All over a joke!

A bunch of Jews and assorted media personalities also claimed that Trump’s joke tweet was a violation of Twitter’s terms of service. Complaints were submitted demanding the suspension of the President’s Twitter account.

Take for example this tweet from the Jew Seth Abramson.

Twitter disagreed with the complaints and told #FraudNewsCNN that Trump’s tweet did not violate their terms of service. That must have really pissed off #FraudNewsCNN!


Twitter says President Trump’s latest anti-media tweet doesn’t violate its rules.

Twitter told CNN on Sunday that the company reviewed the tweet, which features a WWE video that has been edited to show Trump beating up a man with a CNN logo on his face.

Twitter said it considered three factors: the political context of the conversation surrounding the tweet, the various ways it could be interpreted and the lack of details in the tweet itself.

How funny would it have been if @jack actually gave the green light to terminate @realdonaldtrump? In some ways, I’m disappointed that @jack did not do this. It would have marked the end of Twitter as a viable platform. They’ve already terminated an endless number of accounts in the name of political correctness. This free speech crackdown has already done serious damage to their viability. Terminating Trump’s account would have sent them over a cliff.

But let’s add some context to this situation. The people complaining about Trump’s joke tweet are the same one’s who have ignored or defended the numerous cases where violence has been directly or indirectly incited against Trump.

Remember Kathy Griffin and the decapitated Trump head?

What about Madonna talking about how she thought about blowing up the White House?

Or that play depicting Trump’s assassination? A play of which was sponsored by the New York Times!

Finally, there was James Hodgkinson a nut who went on a shooting rampage leaving Republican Congressman Steve Scalise seriously wounded. Hodgkinson was a regular consumer of the fake news media. This was undoubtedly a major reason why he specifically targeted Republican Congressmen in that shooting spree. He bought into their lies.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid actually suggested that Scalise deserved to be shot!

These are much more direct threats than Trump posting a funny wrestling video that shows him slamming and punching #FraudNewsCNN. Not to mention, the Scalise shooting was an actual act of violence carried out due to incitement from the mainstream press.

The fake news media has lost even more credibility by whining about this joke tweet from Trump. It’s honestly hard to fathom how these media figures justify their six and seven figure salaries. They are not very smart people. With a single joke tweet, Trump has made them look like the biggest fools imaginable.