Twitter Just Banned Trump Sycophant Bill Mitchell – How is This Not Election Meddling?

Bill Mitchell was just banned from Twitter.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Mitchell was a Donald Trump sycophant. That is to say, all he ever did was support whatever Trump was doing. Most people who supported Trump during the election – myself included – criticized Trump for things, and Bill never did that. He supported the Syria strikes, all of it.

That is all he did. He was the nonstop “everything Donald Trump does is good” guy. He never said anything else. So banning him is effectively banning Donald Trump.

This has gotten simply absurd. I know that I predicted two years ago that they would just go ahead and ban everyone who supports Donald Trump before the election, but even I wouldn’t have supposed they would ban Bill Mitchell.

This is just open and clear election meddling. It cannot possibly be denied that this is what is happening. They are creating a situation where in the run up to the election, the entire internet is going to be nothing but attacks on Donald Trump.

You wait for them to play the Ghislaine Maxwell card. They’re going to bring that bitch out and accuse Trump of sex with underage girls and it will be something that is obviously disproved but there will be no one allowed to say anything about it, because everyone will be banned.

The part of all of this that makes me the angriest is that while these companies are doing this, Trump is out there attacking TikTok – literally the competition of these companies that are destroying any chance for Trump to win the election.

An attempt to flip an election is a criminal conspiracy, and it is sedition. Russians were indicted by a special counsel just for allegedly posting ads on social media. Surely when the social media company itself is manipulating the election, that is much worse, no?

The dead weep for us.