Twitter Invents Good Way to Protect Feelings

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2018

So I’m totally banned from Twitter and will be until Ajit Pai forces @jack to let me back on. Something which will probably not happen until 2019.

I was banned after Chuck Johnson and before MILO in 2015.

But I still peruse it occasionally.

I was looking at Mike Enoch’s feed, where he had posted my article responding to Sargon of Akkad’s attacks.

So I scrolled down to see the replies, and at the bottom got this:

When I clicked “show,” this was revealed:

So a machine had picked up the words “pussy,” “white genocide” and/or “alt-right” (along with potentially the profanity) and deemed this content “sensitive” – as in, it might make trannies, women and/or Negroes feel “unsafe.”

This seems to me like a good solution to the problem of whining people. It is automated, therefore not expensive, and it requires people to click to show something that may offend them. It is effectively a “trigger warning.”

They could enable this by default, and require you to go into options to choose “show triggering content” and then there would be no reason to ban anyone.

I don’t even think they should have to do that, instead requiring people who want to avoid offensive content to create their own mass-block lists. But surely, this is a better option than just straight-up banning people.

But there are all kinds of options to protect the “safety” of the sensitive.


The goal of the censorship program on Twitter is not to protect the feelings of sensitive people. There are many other ways to do this.

As we know, it is the ADL, not trannies or black people, which has pushed for this censorship. They do not care if people who will never become anti-Semites see offensive content. In fact, they want those people to see the content, as it makes them seem like an important organization – they highlight this content on their own website every day.

The people they do not want seeing anti-Semitic or Alt-Right content are people who would potentially be convinced by it.

Twitter in particular doesn’t want to admit that this is the case, which is why they brought in people like Anita Sarkeesian to stand alongside Jews on their censorship committee. Sarkeesian does just want to censor people to protect feelings, as well as to inflict punishment on people she views as opponents. And this is cover for the Jews, who simply want to stop free and open exchange of ideas, because they know if a free and open exchange of ideas is allowed, people who are swayed by logic, reason and facts will come to the same conclusions that the Alt-Right has with regards to the Jewish problem.

Because we have already won the war of ideas. That was accomplished at some point in 2015. Just as an example: there is no one who will argue at this point that Jews do not control the media. It is an accepted reality.

The Jews are well aware that we are correct and they are well aware that they have zero ability to combat our arguments. Given this, they are simply shutting down open discussion – or trying to.

We saw this “use the mentally ill to push the Jewish agenda” phenomenon with the theft of Daily Stormer’s domain. It was actually a tranny that was lobbying GoDaddy, Google and Cloudflare to shut us down. That was who the official response by these companies was directed at. But the actual behind the scenes pressure was all from Jewish lobbying groups.

It is an interesting phenomenon, this hiding of a Jewish agenda behind the agenda of an allegedly vulnerable group (in the case of trannies, they actually are vulnerable, to be fair – they kill themselves all the time). We have seen this since the founding of the NAACP by Jews.