Twitter has Become Unusable

I don’t really go on Twitter very often anymore, because the site simply does not work. I personally have access to all four major operating systems (Windows, MacOS, iOS & Android), and have tried all of the major browsers, and I can almost never accomplish the most basic task of loading images or videos on the site.

Note: I do typically use a VPN when browsing with any of those systems, and that may or may not have something to do with this, as I almost cannot believe that this is the standard experience for all people. However, many people use VPNs and no other site on the internet causes me these problems. Also, I don’t actually have a reason to believe it is a VPN causing these issues.

I want to say as a point of absolute and actual fact, this site’s inability to function is actually weirder than their recent censoring of the President of the United States. It is just awe-inspiring that a site so massive, which used to work fine, decided to completely redesign the site and make it stop working for no clear reason.

In place of images, I see blank boxes at least half of the time, on any operating system.

Videos virtually never load.

In place of avatars, I often see rows of blank circles.

Here we find it failing to load both the avatar and the embedded article.

Some of these failures can actually interfere directly with my work, in a way which is very real and can waste a serious amount of time.

What’s more, there are new design elements which were implemented purposefully that vastly reduce the usability of the site.

I believe that it was a typical behavior of many people to read a Twitter feed, and then open tweets within that feed and check them out, then continue reading the feed. This behavior has become impossible now. Some bit of JavaScript is used to make it so you cannot open a quoted tweet in a new tab.

If you were reading Arlene B. Heed’s feed, and you wanted to see the James Woods tweet, you would have to click the tweet and open it in your current tab. Before the redesign, there was a link to the quoted tweet on the date (the 17m in the above photo) that you could right-click and open in a new tab.

Now, it wants to force you to open the tweet in the same tab. They also removed the functionality of opening a tweet as a popup within the feed (sorry, I don’t know the terminology here), forcing you to open an entirely new page if you want to see the full content of the tweet and replies. This means that if you click through to that James Woods tweet, and then want to return to Arlene B. Heed’s feed and continue reading, you have to push the back button in the browser, which will mean that you’ve lost your place in the feed, and cannot simply continue scrolling.

For those who don’t remember, you used to be able to just click on a tweet and have it open within the feed, then you could either click behind the tweet, or on the very intuitive right-sided “x” to return to the exact spot you were reading on the feed. Here’s an example of that, from a time not so very long ago when two people named Andrew were allowed to post on Twitter together using their real names:

Further, you cannot use ctrl+f to search the site anymore, given that for some reason, it only loads very small sections of the page at a time, which is just simply incredible. This means that you cannot find the place that you lost when you were forced off the feed. You just have to scroll down and try to find where you left off. Probably once a day, at least every other day, I would find myself ctrl+fing someone’s Twitter feed to find either a topic or a specific post that I remembered by couldn’t recall the exact wording of, and that became impossible with this redesign.

Even if it had all worked correctly, nothing at all about the site was made better, in any way, with things like the new image viewer simply being clunky and pointless.

The way the image blows up is the opposite of intuitive, and you feel as though you’ve gone to a different page, rather than simply opened a viewer, and the “x” – which is the only way out of the viewer – is inexplicably on the left side.

I still do not really understand how it is possible that the site just doesn’t work anymore, at all. I was truly shocked for several months, and kept thinking it was my fault.

In fact, it was not my fault. It was the fault of the developers who did the redesign.

Who are they, asks ye?

Wait for it…




















These are the people who redesigned Twitter last year:

That is not a joke. I know you see that picture, and you think it’s a joke. It’s not a joke.

You can go read the WIRED article about these women from whence that parody-like photo came from. When WIRED posted the article on Twitter, a poll was posted below.

13,300 votes and 94% were against it.

But Twitter left the design, for political reasons.

This is all very similar to the feminist bridge debacle.

Six people died when shortly after the feminist bridge was built, it totally collapsed.

The project lead was a Mexican feminist.

Snopes and other “fact checkers” have claimed that it is a “conspiracy theory” that it was a feminist bridge. They admit that it was designed by women and that the project lead was a woman, but claim that it wasn’t really a feminist bridge because the company that built it is owned by men.


They can’t fact check the claim that the 2019 Twitter redesign was done by women. The women were bragging about it. We have the WIRED article.

Women web devs is almost dumber than women bridge builders. The fact of reality is that women only exist to produce children. They have no other purpose. Maybe they can laugh and make you feel happy. This is a good thing, if they can do that. They don’t do that anymore, however. Now, they pretend to be men, and they do it in a very offensive, aggressive way. They think being a man and being in charge is about being irate.

On some level, they are only pretending to be pretending to be men, given that they remain overwhelmingly preoccupied with looking cute while doing their big man jobs.

How long does this woman spend doing her hair and makeup before going into the office and sitting at a computer?

The average for women is 1 hour in front of the mirror in the morning (I’m sure it’s what that woman spends and she may spend more than that). Men are more or less incapable of grasping this level of vanity and self-absorption. Men will typically look for any excuse to grow a beard, so as to skip any form of morning grooming at all. They will also look for any excuse to wear a t-shirt and jeans, simply because it is so much faster to put on such clothing.

Computer programmers are especially known for having beards and dressing overly casually.

This probably stems from the fact that the morning hours are crucial to someone doing that kind of thinking.

Here is that woman at work with two other “female programmers” – they wore matching outfits, and posed cutely together.

You can try to imagine how much time and energy these adult human beings put into arranging their matching outfits, talking to each other beforehand, then competing with each other to be the cutest as they take pictures. Then you can imagine the amount of time they spent thinking about what others who saw them in the outfits were thinking. You will never truly be able to understand this level of solipsism, no matter how hard you try. But I think you can understand that all three of these women put more energy into matching jeans outfit day than they ever put into any programming project.

In fact, I can absolutely guarantee that the white and the Indian girl put more thought and psychic energy into why the Asian one is not wearing the matching shoes than they ever put into a computer project.

Women have complained that they are expected to take care of the house and to work. I’m sure if they had a chance, they would also complain about the fact that they are expected to look pretty and be smart. The question is: why do they work? Why do they try to be smart? Why not simply care for the home, have kids and look pretty?

The reason of course is that women are incapable of making good decisions. If they are given a choice, they will almost always make the wrong choice. So they choose to work, choose to try to pretend to be men, then they complain and blame men when they find it unmanageable.

Women should have their rights taken from them and they should be totally removed from the workplace, and from public life in general. Women in public life is the worst type of societal cancer. Nothing good can possibly come of it. We’ve tried this experiment, it has failed; time to move on.

The single biggest failure of the right wing and of Christianity has been in not properly addressing the women issue.