Twitter Finally Bans David Duke as the Full Cleanup Continues

They’re just banning everyone.


Twitter has permanently banned white nationalist David Duke for repeatedly violating its rules about “hateful conduct”.

The social network changed its policy in March and no longer lets people share links to articles that include “hateful content” or incite violence.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an anti-hate organisation, describes Duke as “perhaps America’s most well-known racist and anti-Semite”.

He was banned from YouTube in June.

Duke’s final tweet linked to an interview he had conducted with Germar Rudolf, who was convicted of Holocaust denial in Germany where it is a criminal offence.

His penultimate¬†tweet promised to expose the “systemic racism lie”, while another claimed to expose the “incitement of violence against white people” by Jewish-owned media.

I love the term “penultimate tweet.” Finally, the media did something I like.

I think David Duke is a nice person and so on, and I don’t disagree with his views. However, he’s been made into a media villain. What they did was take statements that he made and make them into huge news stories. We saw that throughout the 2016 election, when several different times the media did an entire news cycle about “KKK LEADER AGREES WITH THING TRUMP SAID!!!!!1111”

They milked David Duke as much as anything else during the 2016 cycle. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought Duke was his running mate.

(For the record: David Duke has had zero involvement with the Ku Klux Klan for the last 40 years. The media always reports it as though he is still active in the organization, and if you asked the average person, they would think that he is the current leader of some massive national KKK organization.)

It was clear that Duke was being allowed to remain online because the establishment wanted to have the opportunity to keep farming quotes from him for hysterical “KKK LEADER SAID A THING” headlines.

This Twitter banning is a very major news story. There are a total of 312 news sites reporting it currently on Google News. That is a very large number. I’m not really sure what the point of making a huge deal out of it was, but I suspect that they banned a whole bunch of other accounts at the same time, and they want results about Twitter bannings to have Duke in the headline.

It also gives the false impression that they have been allowing a lot of free speech up until this point, if they’re only just now banning the leader of the KKK.

As I predicted back in 2017, everyone who says “vote for Donald Trump” is going to be banned. As I understand it, Duke was extremely critical of Trump due to Trump’s issues with Israel, which is one of the main topics that Duke focuses on. That said, I’m certain Duke was promoting voting for Trump, because he isn’t insane. So he has to go.

The only “right-wingers” who will continue to be allowed on social media up through the election are the retard fuel neo-Nazis who promote voting for Joe Biden under the claim that “if things get bad enough the people will finally wake up and become neo-Nazis!” It’s actually possible that the costumed neo-Nazi groups will be allowed to remain in the public view even if Biden wins the election, which would be fascinating. The media and government are probably going to need bad guys in their lunatic psychodrama.