Twitter Event: Famous Hollywood Actor Defends Negro Ward from Anonymous Critics

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 10, 2018

So this guy is an actor, and he adopted this little pet African, then sent it out to fuck white girls and the pictures are really funny.

I guess people were mad tho.

I don’t think he knows what the word “son” means.

What he appears to be trying to indicate is that the negro youth is his “ward.”

It is weird that he would equate these things.

This guy liked the couple though.

This guy.

This guy said “handsome young man.”

Talking about this picture of the young man.

Not trying to be racist or whatever, but “handsome” is not the immediate word that comes to mind there.

Another guy thought it wasn’t good.

He doesn’t like the racists saying he adopted the ward to virtue signal.

Although he doesn’t ever say what the reason you would do it is.

Another person suggested it was for “love.”

What kind of love makes you want to take on a ward from another continent and pay what is eventually hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise it, while not carrying on your own genetics?

He said himself it cost him “countless thousands of dollars.”

It sounds like an unhealthy kind of love, perhaps. Certainly an expensive kind of love, which does not result in any clear benefit beyond said signaling.

Another supporter (fan of his acting career) posted that he was just posting his ward because he was proud of it.

What is he proud of though? It’s not a projection of his genetics. And no accomplishment was posted, other than the sex with the white girl (which any negroid male can accomplish in modern America). So he’s proud that he was able to feed it for years and it didn’t die?

He was also called a “HERO” for raising the ward.

Which is the heroic thing? That it did not starve to death?

He posted another picture of the ward.

Someone said he looks smart, and he assumed he was not being genuine in his comment.

Why would he think he couldn’t have genuinely been commenting that he looks smart? Is he himself racist against his own ward, thinking that a negro boy doing that hands thing does not look smart?

He also got mad at anonymous chickenshits.

He was really mad at anonymous people.

He said they can’t afford food (I don’t know how he knows their financials).

He eventually admitted that he only adopted the ward so he could argue with people about it on Twitter.

He seems serious about that. It looks like he was really getting pretty confused when trying to answer the questions about why he adopted this ward and spent all this time and money on it.

He then realized he had won the argument with these anonymous internet people he was arguing with for days.

The whole time he wasn’t even ever mad though, he was just laughing.

He was also happy that he was able to get random anonymous people on Twitter to make fun of him.

That is maybe also part of the reason he adopted the negro ward.

All in all, it was a very interesting story of a monumental event in Twitter history.