Twitter Deletes Tweet from Corona Pseudo-Denialist Laura Ingraham

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2020

She can break my rules any day of the –
Woaaaaahhhhh, yeah – never mind. Yikes.

I love the way they force you to delete your own tweets to get access to your account. I guess they view this as like, rubbing a dog’s face in its poop to house train it. It’s very Skinnerian. Then the media says you deleted it.


Fox News host Laura Ingraham has deleted a tweet touting an unproven coronavirus treatment that a Twitter spokesperson said today ran afoul of its rules against misleading health information.

Ingraham earlier this month tweeted praise for hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug championed by President Donald Trump as a potential treatment for the virus, despite little evidence to that effect.

In the March 20 tweet, Ingraham claimed that the drug was already in use in “many hospitals,” including at Lenox Hill in New York, and was showing “very promising results,” according to a screenshot viewed by POLITICO. The tweet referenced a segment on the host’s prime-time show that erroneously attributed information to a Lenox Hill doctor who in fact does not work at the facility.

Fox News later issued a correction saying the segment had misstated the doctor’s relationship to the hospital. A network spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment today.

Saying that you’re not allowed to deny the virus is one thing. It’s one already insane thing, but okay. But Laura Ingraham isn’t even a denialist. All she did was mention drug research. I don’t even know if I would classify her as a pseudo-denialist, even though it says that in the headline. I suppose Twitter would consider her a pseudo-denialist.

And Twitter decides what you are allowed to think. They even decide how the President of Brazil is allowed to run the country that he’s the leader of.

The woman who makes these decisions, as seen on Joe Rogan, is a fat Pakistani woman, Vijaya Gadde.

She is an utter control freak. I know it sounds ridiculous to say that about a woman, but her case is a lot more extreme than even the average woman. She’s just sitting there, stuffing her fat face with Domino’s Pizza, waiting for any famous person to make one wrong move and then – BOOM – “mommy said no! You no do that!

Ingraham’s tweet wasn’t even wrong, other than the name of the hospital. The doctor she mentioned is doing clinical tests with hydroxychloroquine. It’s already out of testing and being used to treat flu infections in South Korea.

But you know – Donald Trump said it, and he’s not allowed to say anything, so that means we have to not test this drug anymore I guess. At least, we’re not allowed to publicly talk about the fact that it is being tested, because… because Donald Trump said that.

Imagine what would happen if that fat Paki woman found out Donald Trump likes fast food.