Twitter Censors Donald Trump for “Abuse” of Theoretical Future Citizens of Theoretical Future DC Autonomous Zone

As we continue the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, Twitter continues to directly censor the President of the United States.

The latest tweet they blocked has been given the label “abusive behavior.”

If you dare to click through and see the tweet that Twitter has warned you may be harmful to your emotions, you find that it is a tweet about a theoretical future autonomous zone in Washington, DC.

You have to think that at this point these people are just messing with the orange man, gloating that they can do whatever they want to him.

Who is being abused here and by what behavior?

There is no autonomous zone in Washington. He is saying that if there was one, he would send in the police, because taking over territory in American cities and claiming you have legal autonomy is against the law. Police are allowed to use force, because they are the police.

What Twitter is apparently trying to say here is that even the suggestion of enforcing the law in some theoretical situation that didn’t even happen is “abuse.” You can try to understand that if you want, but I’m not really sure that’s what you should do. It seems to me that their goal here is simply to dazzle. They are trying to confuse you, by trying to make you try to understand what the meaning of this is.

This is the goal with many things now.

Here are a few examples of things the government/media is saying right now that make no sense and are in direct conflict with reality:

They are doing it constantly now. They are just saying completely insane things, openly telling you not to believe your own eyes. I think they are purposefully saying these things to confuse you.

They’re not simply attacking white people. They are attacking truth and reality itself. It is emotionally exhausting to be exposed to it. It is extremely violating. It is a kind of psychic rape, to say the things in that bulletpoint list and so many other things they’ve been saying lately. It is so dark.

This began years ago. It might have started with forcing people to accept trannies as normal. Really, the entire Russian election hacking thing was the big push. No element of that made any sense. They ultimately were saying that posting things on the internet is “election interference.” Now we have Twitter preventing the actual presidential candidate from freely communicating, and somehow that is “protecting the community.”

The fact in itself that Twitter is engaging in this censorship is intended to drive you insane, I believe. I mean aside from the weird messages about “abusive behavior,” the very fact that it is happening at all, this open election meddling by this company, is intended as a kind of shock and awe.

We should remember that episode of Joe Rogan where Jack Dorsey came on to defend Twitter’s censorship agenda, and was questioned by Tim Pool.

Jack brought with him the woman who is responsible for the site’s censorship regime, an Indian woman by the name of Vijaya Gadde. I would assume that she is the one making these decisions about censoring the president.

Indian women are purely hateful creatures, who come to our country to feed off of us and abuse us. They are very much involved with this black revolution project, and some of them appear to identify in some way as African American.

On some level, I think that directly censoring the president may in fact be a strategy to cover up the rest of the censorship on the site. All remaining Trump supporters are being purged from the internet. This week, the registrar of the website VDare moved to steal their domain, which will remove them from the internet completely.

Remember that these bannings are supposed to be related to “white supremacy.” I was initially banned from everything under the guise of that, immediately following Charlottesville. However, while Donald Trump himself is getting censored, while people like Katie Hopkins are getting outright banned, Richard Spencer, the man who planned Charlottesville and was scheduled to be the headline speaker at the event, is able to operate freely on every social media platform.

Spencer is currently supporting Joe Biden for president and is calling for the destruction of Western Civilization.

Regardless if he is supporting the Jewish agenda to destroy Western Civilization, he remains a “white supremacist,” remains the guy who organized and headed up Charlottesville, and his ability to operate freely like this completely discredits the claim that any of this censorship ever had anything to do with “white supremacy.”

I was banned because the Anti-Defamation League and several think tanks said that my trolling strategy “influenced the election,” i.e., got people to vote for Donald Trump. That’s why Alex Jones was banned. All of these bannings have been about meddling in the 2020 election.

This is something that should have been dealt with aggressively by the Trump administration as soon as it started. I can understand they didn’t want to openly defend Daily Stormer, as back in those days, I was rather provocative. But they didn’t need to come out and say, “we support the Daily Stormer and we think it is good,” they could have simply said that political censorship by gigantic mega monopoly corporations is bad, and begun working on establishing First Amendment rights on the internet in 2017. (In fact, my struggle was mentioned in an FCC filing against the Obama Net Neutrality hoax.)

But they didn’t do that, and now we’re five months out from the election, and there is no way anything can be done about the censorship in that time, and so Twitter is just openly censoring Donald Trump directly.

There are a lot of different reasons why I would expect Donald Trump to lose the election. But I will tell you this: if I had been allowed my freedoms, I would have a massive website right now. I would have built up my traffic to 50 times what it is now, if I’d been allowed to operate under the same rules as everyone else. And I would tell people the stakes of this election, I would tell them to vote for Donald Trump because if he loses then the killing is going to start in hardcore mode, and that would have a big effect. It would be many millions of people that would vote who wouldn’t otherwise vote if my rights had been protected.

Freedom of speech is literally the single most important thing, because when you don’t have the ability to say things you can’t possibly do anything else. This should have been a priority. There is a reason that the First Amendment is the First Amendment and not the second, third or forth.

But hey – whatever.