Twitter Bans Sharing of Donald Trump’s Blog Posts

I don’t think anyone thought this wouldn’t happen.


A Twitter account sharing posts from former President Donald Trump’s new blog and other right-wing content was banned by the platform Wednesday. A spokesman for the social media site said Twitter would take enforcement action against accounts whose apparent intent is to replace or promote content affiliated with a suspended account.

Twitter permanently banned Trump in January amid concerns his tweets could incite violence in the wake of the Capitol Hill riot.

Trump’s team didn’t respond to a request for comment on whether it was affiliated with the now-suspended account.

The suspended account reposted blog entries that were originally published on the From the desk of Donald J. Trump blog, which launched Tuesday. The suspended account also shared tweets from other Republican politicians, including Caitlyn Jenner, who’s running for governor of California.

Oh jeez, Caitlyn Jenner… everything in me hopes Trump doesn’t endorse “her.” After everything I’ve been through with this man, that would just be too much.

But Sean Hannity interviewed the Jenner person, and spoke seriously with this man with women’s clothes and makeup, so I suspect Trump is going to go along with it.

Separate issue: Twitter’s character count was apparently good for Trump. In the written word, he has a tendency to rant, apparently.

I just assumed those statements that he was releasing over the last few months were written by someone else, but he’s writing these.

That language is horrible.

I wrote yesterday that Trump should have launched this immediately after being banned from Twitter in order to keep the election fraud talk going. Instead, he waited four months, and he’s still just talking about the election fraud.

I assume people can screenshot these and post them on Twitter and wherever else. Yes, they have software that can scan text, but I don’t think they would use it to automatically ban people for posting screenshots, given that leftists are probably also going to be posting them.

But yeah: it is de facto illegal to state the obvious fact that no, Joe Biden is not the most popular person who ever lived and no, it is not possible that he got 81 million votes. In actual fact, Trump won the election by a lot, and with more votes than Obama got in 2008.

It’s just impossible to help Donald Trump.

We all helped him get elected, and after that, there was just nothing we could even do. He refused to hire anyone who wasn’t waiting to stab him in the back on first opportunity – other than maybe Rex Tillerson and Jeff Sessions, both of whom he attacked worse than his enemies.

It’s darkly hilarious that if he wouldn’t have fired Jeff Sessions, none of this stuff that’s happening would be happening. Sessions wouldn’t have allowed for the coronavirus hoax, he wouldn’t have allowed for the riots, he wouldn’t have allowed the election fraud – he also would have investigated Jeffrey Epstein’s murder.

Even now, I can’t help but want Trump to be successful in whatever the hell he’s trying to do here. But there simply is no helping him.