Twitter Bans Coronavirus Information That They Claim May in Their View Cause “Harmful Activity”

We’ve gotta stay safe, folks.

This Chinese virus is going to kill millions and we can’t just allow people to go around asking questions about it.


Twitter has once again broadened its rapidly-growing set of rules specific to the Chinese virus, this time banning statements that cause “harmful activity,” with a specific focus on posts about 5G network infrastructure.

In an update to its list of coronavirus-specific rules made yesterday, Twitter said it would ban any “unverified” claims that “incite people to action.”

“Unverified claims that incite people to action, could lead to the destruction or damage of critical infrastructure, or could lead to widespread panic, social unrest, or large-scale disorder, such as ‘The National Guard just announced that no more shipments of food will be arriving for two months — run to the grocery store ASAP and buy everything’ or ‘5G causes coronavirus — go destroy the cell towers in your neighborhood!’”

Twitter did not explain what separates a verified from an unverified claim.

In a tweet from its official account, Twitter also emphasized the danger of damage to “critical 5G infrastructure.” Concern over the alleged effects of 5G cellphone towers has led to some towers being attacked and disabled.

Twitter’s list of coronavirus-specific rules continues to expand. Since the global crisis began, Twitter has banned “misleading and potentially harmful content,” even promising to ban people who tell the wrong coronavirus jokes.

Okay well I mean, people actually are burning 5G towers, and they probably shouldn’t be doing that. I guess. Honestly, I really couldn’t care any less about that, and kind of think it’s funny, but whatever, I understand in theory that Twitter doesn’t want people promoting eco-terrorism against technology.

Of course, in my view, Twitter should be forced to respect the First Amendment, which would mean that you’re not allowed to openly call for acts of terrorism, but you can say whatever you want about the nature and supposed threats of 5G. But we’re so far past that that I can’t really even bring myself to make those arguments anymore.

What I suspect is that this ban on “coronavirus disinformation” is shortly going to be expanded to include any questioning of any aspect of the virus narrative.

Which will mean that our good friend Alex Berenson is out.