Twitter Banning Saying Anything About Anyone or Showing Their Pictures

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has released a video explaining Twitter’s new rules, which are effectively designed to ban journalism completely. The rules state that no information – whether true or false – can be published about a person without their consent, which is just confusing.

However, I’m quite sure that when The Atlantic magazine accused me of many things I did not consent to being accused of, including being:

  • 5’4″
  • An interracial homosexual
  • A child molester
  • A drug addict
  • Emotional unstable and mentally ill
  • etc.

That this would not violate Twitter’s rules. Or, it would violate Twitter’s rules technically, but it would not be enforced.

What they’re doing is just saying that no one can ever say anything against the overlords or their minions.

Like, obviously every video that Project Veritas makes using undercover cameras would be banned, of course. But it would also ban things like the infamous maskless dinner of Justin Trudeau. Wait, no. Gavin Newsom. (Are those two the same person? Why can’t I tell them apart?)

You’ll remember that this photo was leaked when in California, people had to wear masks outside on the sidewalk, and were not allowed in restaurants at all. He was maskless with his rich friends in one of the most expensive restaurants in the world.

That image would be banned, because he never consented to anyone finding out about his behavior.

Meanwhile, I was listening to Red Ice the other day, and host Henrik said that people have repeatedly posted his home address – something that has always been against the rule – and it took Twitter a week to take it down.

The rule will also probably ban Andy Ngo from doing anything. He posts pictures of Antifa and BLM attacking people on the street and burning everything, and I guess they probably don’t consent to that being posted.

This is really just maxing out total information control. The new rules of course come after @jack resigned to be replaced with a bloodthirsty Paki.

Pakis are being brought in as the total overlords of Silicon Valley, as there is a fear that the white men – sellouts and shills that they may be – just aren’t “on-board” enough. These Pakis will just do whatever they’re told, in any situation.

They can’t bring in Asians, because Asians are literally too autistic to understand political correctness. If you tell an Asian person that they have to cover-up facts in order to protect people’s feelings, his face will just go blank as he waits for more information to help him understand what that means.

For the record, I should say that there are a few tech Indians I respect. Ajit Pai, who worked for the Trump Administration’s FCC, was good. And the guy who is currently running Odysee, Julian Chandra, is very good. I don’t know if either of these people are “principled” in the way we think of whites as being principled, but they are doing things that help us.

I also like that guy on The Hill. He made a comment about his fellow countryman recently.

The “Indian Question” is a complicated one.

We are, for the time being, living in a multi-racial cesspit, and Indians are ambitious people. If some certain percentage of them are going to side with the right, I’m not against that.

But for the most part, the Indians that are being brought in to run things are being brought in because they will just do anything they’re told to do by Jews. They are also the number one group that is obsessed with white women. Blacks and Latinos get with trashy white women because they are easy, Asians have literally no interest at all to the point that Russian hookers can’t even set up a business in rich neighboring China. But the bobs and vagene meme is real, and that gives a whole lot of leverage to the Jews over these Indians.

They are on that bitch lasagna like poop on a street.

I miss Pewds.

He was supposed to be the chosen one.