Twitter Admits to Inflating its User Numbers

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2017

Maybe if Twitter stopped going crazy with the ban hammer, they wouldn’t have to lie about their user numbers!

Twitter has just been forced to admit that they were inflating their user numbers. It seems like it is one train wreck after another with this company!

Tech Crunch:

Twitter announced its Q3 financials today which included a surprise beat that could lead it to a quarter of actual profitability before 2017 is out, but there is also less positive news.

The company admitted it had mistakenly counted users of Digits, the app it transferred to Google via the sale of its Fabric product in January, as part of its overall audience for the past year. At peak, that error inflated Twitter’s numbers by as many as two million.

An adjustment of between one and two million doesn’t seem huge given Twitter’s userbase is over 300 million, but growth has been so minimal that they could move the needle.

Two million is a pretty big number to misrepresent. If they’re misrepresenting something like this, it makes you wonder what else they’re lying about.

This is similar to what happened with Facebook a little while back. They were inflating their video view statistics and misleading advertisers.

Twitter doesn’t seem to have much interest in maintaining a robust userbase though. They have effectively banned almost anybody who says anything of interest on it. They’re even in the process of implementing more draconian policies that will pretty much shut everyone down. If they keep this up, we might eventually see them accuse Donald Trump of violating their terms of service! Don’t laugh! It could actually happen!

The point being is that their userbase would be much larger if they weren’t implementing all of these retarded policies. They’ve chosen instead to ban large numbers of people from their platform simply because they dislike what they say.

Despite the mass bans, Twitter is still a very large social media platform. Getting banned from it severely limits one’s ability to communicate with the world. At this point, their bans are essentially the 1960s equivalent of the telephone company disconnecting your phone line because of a phone conversation you had that they didn’t like. It’s an entirely insane situation.

Twitter is a retarded company run by retards. At least their CEO is woke as fuck though!