Twitter Admits They Misidentified Russian Bots – Says They’re Actually Venezuelan Bots!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2019

This entire “Russian bot” thing is a hoax. From the word go.

Basically, they told people “you’re not allowed to have opinions that we disagree with” and pivoted into “you don’t even actually exist if you disagree with us.”


Twitter quietly revised its public database of ‘Russian bot’ accounts earlier this month, removing 228 accounts it previously said were “connected to Russia”— but the admission has gone almost completely unnoticed by the media.

Bloomberg reported on the “burst of activity” from the bot accounts and claimed that Russia’s “social-media trolling operation” was “stepping up its Twitter presence to new heights.”

Fast-forward to 2019 and Twitter has removed 228 of these accounts from the database, saying they had “initially misidentified” them as being linked to Russia,  but nobody in the media seems to have noticed.

In fact, Bloomberg is the only major US outlet which bothered to correct the story to reflect reality, admitting that Twitter’s changes to the dataset “invalidate central portions” of its original report and that there was “no surge” in this so-called Russian bot activity at the time in question. Oops!

Interestingly, the highlighted accounts have now been linked to Venezuela, another country the US government just so happens to have bad blood with.

In a tweet, Twitter’s “head of site integrity” Yoel Roth said that the company can now “more confidently associate” the 228 accounts with Venezuela. Roth’s short tweet thread on the misidentification was met with little interest receiving only a few retweets and no attention from media figures who supposedly actively follow any and all news remotely related to Russian activity online.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Roth later admitted that “definitive attribution is very, very difficult.” The Bloomberg mea culpa also noted that Twitter is “reluctant to discuss” how it connects accounts to so-called trolling networks in the first place.

The reason they move from “Russian bots” to “Iranian bots” or “Chinese bots” or these new “Venezuelan bots” is to try to further complicated the bot claims by diversifying them.

But look: even if bots existed, what does that have to do with anything? Bots are not a crime.

And we are being told by the Jews promoting democracy that every individual human being is a pure individualist, totally conscious of all politics and capable of making completely objective decisions about what they believe. Even the blacks. That is the entire premise of democracy as a concept. The core concept.

So how can they be saying that bots are altering democracy? Every individual is able to consume infinite amounts of information and reach an objective conclusion, so what difference does it make if they get spammed by foreign bots?

Given the core concept of democracy, these bots should just roll off them like water off the back of a duck.