Twitter “Admits” Algorithm Favors Right-Wing Figures More Than Leftist Content

“Must be an error in the algorithm…”

This seems like Twitter is “admitting” it’s right-wing in the same way that the fake Facebook whistleblower “admitted” that Facebook was harming children.

These companies are pushing for the Bidens to go in and regulate their content so they don’t have to bear the responsibility of censoring everyone.

This fits right in.

The Guardian:

Twitter has admitted it amplifies more tweets from rightwing politicians and news outlets than content from leftwing sources.

The social media platform examined tweets from elected officials in seven countries – the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and Japan. It also studied whether political content from news organisations was amplified on Twitter, focusing primarily on US news sources such as Fox News, the New York Times and BuzzFeed.

The study compared Twitter’s “Home” timeline – the default way its 200 million users are served tweets, in which an algorithm tailors what users see – with the traditional chronological timeline where the most recent tweets are ranked first.

The research found that in six out of seven countries, apart from Germany, tweets from rightwing politicians received more amplification from the algorithm than those from the left; right-leaning news organisations were more amplified than those on the left; and generally politicians’ tweets were more amplified by an algorithmic timeline than by the chronological timeline.

According to a 27-page research document, Twitter found a “statistically significant difference favouring the political right wing” in all the countries except Germany. Under the research, a value of 0% meant tweets reached the same number of users on the algorithm-tailored timeline as on its chronological counterpart, whereas a value of 100% meant tweets achieved double the reach. On this basis, the most powerful discrepancy between right and left was in Canada (Liberals 43%; Conservatives 167%), followed by the UK (Labour 112%; Conservatives 176%). Even excluding top government officials, the results were similar, the document said.

Twitter said it wasn’t clear why its Home timeline produced these results and indicated that it may now need to change its algorithm. A blog post by Rumman Chowdhury, Twitter’s director of software engineering, and Luca Belli, a Twitter researcher, said the findings could be “problematic” and that more study needed to be done. The post acknowledged that it was concerning if certain tweets received preferential treatment as a result of the way in which users interacted with the algorithm tailoring their timeline.

The fact is, right-wingers are much more politically engaged than leftists, and there are also just more right-wingers than there are leftists. Aside from the fact the election was a hoax and Trump probably got 65% of the total national vote, half of Democrat voters are just brown people who only take the time to vote for Democrats because they want welfare – not because they are engaged with any of the ideas and follow politics.

On the other hand, right-wingers are checking the news constantly, and are also much more likely to engage, as the right-wing is much more organic and populist than the astro-turfed and elitist left.

I’m not going to go on a rant about how modern communists claim to support “the workers” while also supporting child trannies and forced vaccines, along with other things that you’re not going to find even 1/25,000 working class people supporting. But that remains very true. The masses of people support “right-wing” ideas. Normal people like to go on the internet and post things, whereas someone who will support trannies etc. is more likely to just be a passive believer in authority.

What’s more – right-wing people are just typically more engaged with computers and technology. The left took forever to even show up on the internet. Really, it was only after smart phones that you ended up with a significant leftist presence online. Before that, it was primarily gamers, programmers, hobbyists, and alternative politics and conspiracy people – all of whom are right-wing. I got on the internet in the early 1990s with AOL disks.

Leftists were still watching TV until pretty recently. Even now, they go on the internet and just watch CNN clips on YouTube. Mostly, leftists go on the internet to try to censor right-wingers.

Moreover, the really hardcore weirdo stuff that Twitter leftists want pushed has more or less no supporters at all. Polls do seem to indicate there are some white people who feel bad for blacks. At least there were last year. But when it comes to trannies and so on, this stuff simply isn’t popular.

Tucker Carlson was talking about the anti-Dave Chappelle protests the other day, and he said that it was probably only 1,200 people in the country that support this tranny stuff. That’s an exaggeration, because there are a lot of white women that will just literally support whatever the Jews tell them is fashionable.

However, the numbers are much lower than you would think – and they purposefully avoid polling on it. There was a Daily Mail poll of the UK – which is if anything more liberal than the US – that showed only 13% support child trannies, and only 12% support anti-weather terrorism.

Another British poll had only 12% of the population saying they are “woke.”

This is why Netflix won’t cancel the Dave Chappelle show, despite the fact that he really did go all the way – it’s just too popular. An overwhelming majority support it – especially given that you add blacks to the non-woke whites – and another large group doesn’t care, or thinks people should be able to say whatever they want to say. The group that wants him silenced is just ultra-aggressive. But it’s a very small group.

Frankly, I don’t know why Netflix aired the show in the first place, but if they banned it now, there would be a huge backlash of people canceling their Netflix accounts.

So it’s basically just a matter of economics that Twitter is going to be more right-wing. Still, to this very day, “right-wing” is still “normal.”

But hey – maybe this Twitter situation is just another case of “racist AI.”