Twitter Abusing H1B Visa Program to Hire Army of Street Shitters

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 14, 2018

Considering all of the street shitters from India that Twitter hires, it’d be interesting to know if their Human Resources department provides mandatory toilet training for them. If not, they must have a very impressive janitorial team!

Earlier in the week, Project Veritas released a couple of undercover videos featuring commentary from various Twitter employees. The footage pretty much confirmed everything we already know about the inner workings of the company. The company actively conspires to censor people who have political views to the right of Karl Marx. It’s a controlled platform complete with Big Brother styled thought police.

One of the more interesting aspects of the second video was how many brown and black employees were featured. It was a never ending montage of non-White sludge.

Here’s the video again in case you missed it.

It turns out that Twitter relies heavily on the H1B visa program. They seem to have taken a particular interest in hiring engineers from India. Even though these street shitters make for horrible engineers, they typically won’t question directives from management and they can be paid much less than Whites. This is obviously the type of employee that Twitter wants. They certainly don’t want to hire employees who might eventually question the company’s horrendous, fraudulent and probably illegal policies.

Between 2015 and 2017, Twitter applied for over 1,110 H1B visas and labor certifications. 116 of them were for Indians and another 100 were for Chinese. And lol at the Jew HR Associate Ruth Rubenstein who has been the main contact for these visa requests. You guys might want to dig up her contact information and ask some questions about this little program they’re running.

But the basic takeaway here is that you have a large number of foreigners working at Twitter who are actively stifling the free political speech of White Americans.

Clearly, this is a disgusting situation. Twitter should immediately be investigated for H1B abuse. You can’t tell me that they need to hire an army of street shitters from India to do programming and engineering work. There’s undoubtedly many White Americans who could easily fill these jobs and do them at a much higher level.

James O’Keefe from Project Veritas apparently has more undercover footage exposing Twitter, including footage of their CEO Jack Dorsey. He says that he’s going to drop all of this on Monday. I personally can’t wait to see it. O’Keefe is one of the few people around who is doing legitimate journalism. This is the type of stuff that old school reporters used to do. It’s unfortunately become a bit of a lost art in the age of the tubes, where mainstream print journalists are a few steps below bloggers.

Hopefully this pushes the government to either regulate the shit out of Twitter or gas the site off the tubes. It’s ridiculous that a private company like this has such a powerful stranglehold over the nation’s political discourse.

People like myself, Andrew Anglin and the other Daily Stormer guys should not be rendered non-persons by a private company because they dislike our political views. Our views are valid based upon the popularity of our work. They deserve to be heard in the public arena which in the 21st century is now centered around the big social media sites. We should not be silenced by Twitter’s army of Indian street shitters! Their fear of the truth is no excuse for this!