Twitch Streamer MrDeadMoth Arrested for Defending Self Against Hysterical Aggressive Fronthole

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2018

You can watch the video and see for yourself what happened.

Basically, this guy was playing Fortnite, and his wife came in and starting screaming at him for not having come to eat dinner, and throwing stuff at him, so he got up and slapped her, and she started crying to his camera about what a bad person he was.

If a man starts throwing things at you, this is physical aggression, legally classified as assault. You can get arrested for throwing stuff at people, which is good, because it would be a very silly world if anyone could go around throwing things at anyone, with no consequences.

However, if a pregnant woman starts throwing things at you, you are supposed to just sit there and take it, and apologize to the woman for making her want to throw things at you.

If you do not do this, you will be arrested.


An Australian Twitch streamer has been arrested by police after appearing to hit and verbally abuse his partner during a Fortnite livestream.

The streamer, who plays under the name MrDeadMoth, can be seen arguing with his wife who is off-camera.

She appears to be throwing things at him and asking him to stop playing the game.

He repeatedly tells her he’ll “be out soon”, and asks her to “stop” and to “f**k off”.

She then throws a cardboard box at him.

He gets up from the chair, storms off screen and a slap can be heard, followed by a woman screaming and a child crying.

His wife can then clearly be heard calling him a “woman basher”. 

“You hear that? All you people there, he just hit me in the face,” she says, addressing those watching the livestream via streaming site Twitch.

After getting arrested, the entire internet – particularly reddit, a hate site which I will not link to here – will write about how terrible you are for smacking your woman in front of your kid. No one will write about how terrible she is for throwing things at you in front of your kid.

She can then be heard telling him to say ‘sorry’, at which point he gets up again, and the woman can be heard crying as he screams at her to go away, and a child begins to cry in the background.

“I hope all of you people know that I’m pregnant and he just bashed me,” she can be heard saying.

She will then attempt to shame you in front of anyone stupid enough to believe her crap. In clown world, this is most people.

He can also be heard hurling verbal abuse at the woman, saying “f**k off you dog. You don’t pay the f**king bills”.

New South Wales police have charged him with common assault, and he is due to appear in Camden local court on 13th December.

Indeed, she does not pay the f**king bills.

This man apparently gave this woman a place to live and have kids, and bought her some food for her to cook for him, which she cooked as a service to him.

Then she went full aggro on him for not eating the food she made for him.

This is a very strange social dynamic to a relationship. This would be like if someone sold you a bicycle, and then, one hour later, went full aggro on you for not riding the bicycle.

Obviously, no one would do this – unless it was a woman who thought she could get away with it. Women will do any sort of shit they can get away with. This used to not even be a problem, because our grandfathers used to not let them get away with stupid shit. This continues to not be a problem outside of the West, because non-Westerners continue to not let their women get away with stupid shit.

This is only a problem in the West, now, because the Jews created Feminism and pushed it on us through their control of our cultural institutions and legal system.

Thanks, Jews.