Tweeters Call Germans “Nazis” Throughout World Cup Matches

Daily Stormer
July 1, 2014

The numbers
Vs Algeria
Vs America
Vs America

Through the use of their Hollywood mind-warp machine, the Jews and their media apparatus have made the German people indistinguishable from the evil caricature of the Nazis of WWII.

Unsurprisingly, whenever Germany is mentioned on a world platform, people automatically associate the word “German” with “evil Nazi” and begin insulting the German people.

All Germans are aware of this phenomenon, and it appears to have had soul-crushing effects on an already very sensitive people.

The only remaining option is for Germany to man-up and own their history. To take pride in it.

If they do not, the guilt and the shame put on them by the Jews will drive their birthrate to absolute zero, and they will cease to exist.

Hitler did nothing wrong
Hitler did nothing wrong