Turns Out You Can be Jacked as a Vegan – The One Weird Trick is to Inject Deca in Your Ass Three Times a Week

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2019

Fucking Reddit Soy Defense Force.

Yes, you absolute twat. You can totally, 100%, without question, be a vegan and be jacked if you are on steroids. And there is a zero percent chance that guy is not on steroids.

This whole steroids thing is so fucking disgusting. I’m so sick of it.

What I am sick of is not that people take steroids. I’ve started to become really weary of that concept in general, because of the emotional breakdowns that people have, and the fact that so many of them fuck trannies. But you know, some people’s bodies are just all fucked up from their parents feeding them terrible food as kids, and it’s hard to get pussy out there, so I can understand why people do it…


I read niggers’ whiny emails sometimes. Not leftist emails (all they do is talk about my penis). But ostensibly right-wing haters who send me their complaints. I think it’s important to be open to criticism, even if it is just hate, because it is too easy as a popular internet persona to get into a bubble of praise and lose the ability to self-reflect. So if I get hate from a right-winger, I set the email address to forward to a folder where I can just go through and skim the latest messages. So as to keep myself humble.

A while back I wrote an article about steroid use among actors. In current year, that’s basically 100% of 30-50-year-old male Hollywood sex symbols, save Brad Pitt.

And some nigger literally emailed me and told me that none of these actors are on steroids, and I was insulting the white Aryan form by saying that.

Just try to understand this.

There are people so disconnected from the health and fitness world, that they believe you can go from this:

To this:

In 9 months by eating lean chicken breast and doing fucking CrossFit.

Firstly, if you pop your pecks out like that, you have to be a professional lifter and you have to have been doing it for 5+ years. There is simply no possible way to do that naturally in a couple of months, and most people don’t get that kind of chest development in their entire life.

Let’s look at some of these “amazing transformations” again – note that there are 18 months or fewer between all these “amazing transformations”:

I mean, I get that most people aren’t really into the health and fitness scene, and just have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about.

But this is the biggest hoax since the Holocaust.

And it hurts young guys. How many of them go to the gym and see these steroid guys and compare themselves to them, then just give up?

I remember as a teenager reading my favorite creative nonfiction writers, and then writing short stories and essays trying to copy their style, and seeing how low I was in comparison. But I knew: these are real people, they are older than me, they have worked at it, if I work at it and don’t give up, I might never be Hunter S. Thompson or Tom Wolfe, but I’ll steadily get better and develop a style that people enjoy reading.

But with steroids, there is literally no way you can ever hope to compare. The absolute best professional bodybuilders are barely on the same level as guys who do a six month cycle.

And if I’m honest here, it’s personally frustrating as well. For my relative strength, I’m in the 5th percentile of guys who go to the gym regularly and don’t do drugs. I can squat 2.2x bodyweight. That should be insane. People should be standing around clapping for me at the gym. Instead, it’s just meh, because steroid guys are in there squatting 200kg like it’s nothing.

I think guys that do steroids should have to get a small tattoo on their face, marking them for what they are.

But seriously.

We have the information now. It’s all on YouTube about how fake this shit is.

Basically, all of the popular natty YouTubers selling supplements and telling kids they will make them into Chris Evans are drug-fueled scam artists messing with the heads of teenagers.

Kenobody, a popular natural bodybuilder on YouTube who actually SHOWS HIS TEST RESULTS, has been calling out all the fake nattys, demanding that if they’re going to claim they’re natural, they should do regular testing. Not a single one of these conmen has agreed to it.

Kenobody is literally the only guy on YouTube who I believe is actually natural.

He looks fantastic – but that is the result of FIVE REAL LIFE YEARS of being a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL BODYBUILDER. This is not “pop in for an hour three times a week” shit. And it sure as hell isn’t “lean chicken breast and CrossFit.”

And yet, does his chest pop like Chris Evans, a Hollywood actor who looked like complete and utter shit a few years ago? Do his abs pop like Jake Gyllenhaal’s in that boxing movie?

Are his biceps the size of Reddit soy patrol’s “vegan bodybuilder”?

No, no, no.

This is all BULLSHIT.

Make them get the face tattoos.

That would certainly put to rest the absolute retard-tier shit of “vegan bodybuilders,” which scams people into believing you can be both healthy and a vegan, which is a dastardly lie from the pit of hell.

This is what a natty vegan looks like:

Like he has fucking GRIDS.