Turning Point USA Conference: Bang Girls Fire Cash Into the Crowd

Video has emerged of a conference held by the conservative group Turning Point USA, wherein scantily clad women shot cash out of a cannon into the crowd.

Viral clips from the Palm Beach, Florida event are being mocked online, as people are confused as to what exactly this even is.

What it was was an advertisement for the energy drink “BANG,” a sponsor of the conference.

Unfortunately, the main viral clip features the caption: “Wait, TPUSA is giving away free money? Wait, I thought you hate socialism?”

In fact, the concept of advertising – which is what this was – jives perfectly fine with the libertarian ideology of TPUSA, meaning that the message of this tweet is inane.

My own tweet would have read: “It’s about the ideas.”

The conservative movement is generally associated with intellectualism, which is why it was possible for the poison of ideology to get such a stranglehold. Charlie Kirk, leader of TPUSA, is no different, pretending to be about ideas while falling back on nonsense ideology.

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At one point during the presentation, the Bang advertisement also turned into an EDM dance party.

You have here a scene where advertisement for a large company is creating a moronic spectacle. Allowing for degrading advertisement like this is not only in line with their ideas, it is at the core of their Libertarian ideology.

That is to say:

  • They claim to put ideas and thinking first
  • Their deep thinking has led them to libertarian ideology
  • Following this ideology leads to a celebration of moronic spectacle (it prizes selling out to the highest bidder, and in a society of morons, the highest bidder is marketing to morons)
  • Only morons are attracted to moronic spectacle
  • Morons cannot grasp complex ideology (in our society, they tend to support socialism, in fact)
  • The ideology of TPUSA makes it impossible to market the ideology of TPUSA

This all highlights the fundamental idiocy of libertarianism: it cannot sell, and thus it defeats itself.

Obviously, there are problems with libertarianism beyond the fact that it cannot sell, but the singular first question of any movement that intended to become the dominant order of society is: “can I get the majority of people (or close to it) to support this?”

If this answer to that is “no,” then you need to go back to the drawing board, and figure out something that will sell.

But that brings us to the actual thing: the purpose of libertarianism is not to become the dominant ideology in society and thereby direct the society. The purpose of libertarianism is to justify certain behaviors of the ruling elite, by claiming that the reason they are allowed to behave this way is because of libertarianism.

Primarily, libertarianism exists as the force justifying the gap between the rich and the poor.

When someone asks: “Why are these multinational corporations completely unregulated? Why is Jeff Bezos allowed to double his wealth while tens of thousands of small businesses go under? What the hell is going on here?”, the answer is “because of libertarians, they’ve been lobbying for this stuff for decades.”

Libertarianism is also designed to convince conservatives to support leftist agendas, by selling them an ideological angle.

For example:

  • “Women have a right to choose what they do with their own bodies.”
  • “Gay sex is between two consenting adults, in the privacy of their own bedroom.”
  • “Mass immigration is good for the economy.”
  • “It’s not the government’s job to decide what drugs you’re allowed to take.”
  • “Private companies have a right to censor politics they don’t like.”
  • “People have a right to decide if they want to consume pornography.”
  • “America is a nation of ideas.”

You see people who are ostensibly right-wing supporting these positions, and you say: “What is this? Why are you supporting a leftist position?” and they start in with some kind of complicated, convoluted ideological argument.

But in the end, the ideological stuff just amounts to this: these people support the agenda of the left.

That is the real world result.

Ideology doesn’t exist in the real world, it is an abstraction, which is used to manipulate people and get them to support things that they normally would not support in pursuit of a greater utopia.

The utopia is never coming, of course. You can just look around and see the effects in the real world of the things that libertarians support. But mid-wits believe they are too smart to deal with practical realities.

Because of the implosion of the Alt-Right following unfortunate spectacles – first Heilgate and then Charlottesville – TPUSA became the dominant lobbying force in the Trump administration. Everything that they succeeded in getting Trump to agree to promote involved a leftist agenda. They promoted immigration – “as long as it’s LEGAL” – and they promoted various issues involving homosexuality.

Libertarians do agree with some right-wing positions:

  • Pro-gun
  • Anti-war

It’s just that they are never successful in promoting right-wing positions. They are only ever successful promoting the positions that they agree with the left on. Again, that is because they do not exist to become the dominant force in society, but only to assist the left.

It’s a constant assistance, where the left passes libertarians the ball and they dunk it.

Libertarianism doesn’t run things, and yet they continue to make policy as if they are running things. So you end up with abject lunacy, like the government causing businesses to collapse by shutting them down in the name of the coronavirus, then libertarians coming in and saying that the government shouldn’t bail them out. We saw them saying: “it’s not the government’s job to bail out businesses” – after it was the government that shut them down!

This dynamic is always in play, because libertarians don’t control the government, and are in fact nowhere near power, and yet always want to promote their own agenda.

Furthermore, most of them don’t really even believe in their own ideology. Turning Point USA supports sending billions of dollars to Israel.