Turks Hack Austrian Foreign Minister’s Website, Threaten Invasion

Daily Stormer
June 19, 2014

The hacking.
The hacking.

Dirty Turkish rats have hacked the website of the Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, following his warning to the Turkish Prime Minister that during his visit to Vienna, he’d ought not encourage the Turks

The pro-Government hackers warned Austria that they once fought all the way to Vienna, implying they think they could do it again.

Hurriyet Daily News:

“I warn Prime Minister Erdoğan explicitly: he should not introduce splits into Austrian society,” Kurz had told daily Österreich on June 13.

Hacker group Cyber-Warrior Akıncılar (Raiders) attacked Kurz’s website on June 16, proceeding to post photos of Erdoğan alongside 16th century Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent. The group also posted a message in three languages:

“Austria foreign minister! Who do you think you are kiddy! You cannot decide how to talk to our prime minister! Erdoğan the prime minister is the grandson of ancestors who reached Vienna, the soil you’re walking on now! We are Akıncılar [Raiders], We are Ottomans, We are Turkey!.”

Clearly, this is the majority view of all Muslims – that they are in the process of conquering Europe.

How sick is it that even with this right in front of their very eyes, European people refuse to acknowledge what is happening to our continent?

At 27, Sebastian Kurz is Europe's youngest Foreign Minister.  He is sort of gayish-looking.
At 27, Sebastian Kurz is Europe’s youngest Foreign Minister. He is gayish-looking.

Kurz himself isn’t even acknowledging what is happening.  He wants Turks to “integrate.”  Even though the majority of them were born there, and went to German schools, and have not integrated thus far, indicating that they obviously never will.