Turkish Nationalists Stage Massive March in Germany, Say They’re Taking Over

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 30, 2016

Why isn’t the media covering this massive Turkish march through Germany wherein they declared they were taking over the country?

They sure did give it a lot of coverage when “fascists” marched in Brussels last week.

It’s almost as if there is some type of bias within the Jewish-controlled media, no?

On Saturday hundreds of Turkish Nationalists in Germany rallied in Duisburg against the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK) and for Turkish national sovereignty and security. They were seen using the “Grey Wolves” Salute, the Turkish equivalent of a National Socialist Salute commonly used as what is classified as a “neo-fascist” or “ultra-nationalist” organization.

Their intention is creating a “Pan-Turkish empire”, unifying all members of the Turkish people under one banner and purging all enemy forces.

Their enemies include Kurds, Jews, Zionists, Christians, Armenians, Greeks, Homosexuals, Persians, Liberals and Communists, who are, ideally, to be eradicated.

The German branch of the Grey Wolves is the “Turkish Federation” who is a member of the “European Federation of Turkish Democratic Idealist Organizations”. They are also members of the “Union of Turkish Cultural Organizations in Europe” (ATB), operating legally and being classified as “Idealists”.

Under German law, any hints at fascism or ultra-nationalism and any organization perpetuating such ideologies is monitored by the “Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution” and outlawed.

What seems contradictory to many is that nationalism is only allowed for immigrants, as their influence is seen as overall positive, no matter their motives. This explains the complete lack of media outrage.

During the protest they can be heard chanting “Allah is great” and, according to reports, “We rebuilt Germany” and “With God’s help we shall conquer”.

Many of them were members of the “Turan e.V.” club, an organization that leans on “Rocker” culture, as demonstrated in one of my previous uploads.

WATCH: “We’re taking over this Country”: ‘Ottoman Germania’ Subculture threatens Germany in music video

Although there were small counter-protests by Kurds, the Antifa declared it to be too dangerous to counter them.


Antifa only counters Whites.

I’m surprised they weren’t marching in support of these brown people, regardless of the fact that they want to exterminate homosexuals. As we saw in Sweden last year, when Antifa attacked a gay pride march through a Moslem neighborhood, brown skin+Islam trumps a fixation with other men’s anuses on the scale of protected victimhood.


So they are just refusing to protest “Islamofascists” now, but it won’t be long before these faggots become a literally out there breaking windows out for Allah and throwing bricks at anyone who refuses to convert.