Turkey Starts Bombing Kurdish-Controlled City in Syria

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 21, 2018

Turkey has not been happy with the American plan to create a Kurdish border force in Syria. This has prompted a military operation by the Turks in the Kurdish-controlled city of Afrin.

Turkey’s military has started bombing the Kurdish-controlled city of Afrin. It’s a complicated situation because the United States formed a military alliance with the Kurds to help defeat the Islamic State. Meanwhile, Turkey views these same Kurdish forces as an extension of terrorists that have operated inside their country. They’re staunchly opposed to any autonomous or semi-autonomous Kurdish region that might form in the aftermath of the Syrian war.

But the US troops are not leaving.

The Guardian:

Turkish jets have bombed the Kurdish-controlled city of Afrin in northern Syria, as the president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, promised to expand Turkey’s military border operations against a Kurdish group that has been the US’s key Syria ally in the war on Islamic State.

The raids came on the heels of a week of threats by Turkey, promising to clear the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) from Afrin and its surrounding countryside, also called Afrin. Turkey’s military is calling the campaign Operation Olive Branch.

Turkey says the YPG, a group it considers a terrorist organisation, is an extension of an outlawed Kurdish rebel group that it is fighting inside its own borders, and it has found common cause with Syrian opposition groups who view the YPG as a counter-revolutionary force in Syria’s multi-sided civil war.

Associated Press journalists at the Turkish border saw jets bombing positions in the direction of Afrin, as a convoy of armed pick-up trucks and buses believed to be carrying Syrian opposition fighters travelled along the border. Video from Turkey this week showed the military moving tanks to the frontier.

Turkey’s military action was prompted following a statement issued by the Department of Defense stating that they were working to form a 30,000 strong Kurdish border force.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson downplayed the statement saying there were no plans to create such a border force. He did however say that the United States planned to maintain both a regional presence and a military alliance with the Kurds moving into the future.

The American military presence in the area has only created division and conflict. Now that the Islamic State has been defeated, there is no reason for American military forces to be in Syria helping the Kurds create a border force. This is completely unrelated to ISIS, and the Kurds they are defending are in fact terrorists. If any other country did this, they would be accused of violating a nation’s sovereignty and propping up a terrorist group. The Syrian government never invited American forces into their country like they did with the Russians.

Neither Turkey or Syria supports the American military presence in the region. It just looks as if the Turks have decided to act first.

The Zionist control of American foreign policy needs to come to an end. Continued support of these Kurdish groups is not an “America First” policy, it’s an “Israel First” policy.

The real reason for the continued American military support of the Kurds is simple. It is designed to help prevent Iran, Syria and their allies from being able to move a sizable force along the borders of Israel. The Israelis also benefit whenever there is war and chaos in the region.

The whole situation is a mess. This operation the United States is running with the Kurds in Syria should be ended. The fact that it hasn’t shows that the Zionists continue to maintain a stranglehold over America’s foreign policy.