Turkey Says Kurds Have Been Cleared Out…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2018

The last and final kikenfriend appears to have been cleared out of Syria.

At last.


The Turkish military and allied forces have taken full control of the Syrian city of Afrin, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Sunday. Kurdish YPG forces had previously maintained control of the area.

The pro-Turkish forces entered the city before dawn and faced no resistance from Kurdish fighters, who had already withdrawn, according to reports. Erdogan said in a televised speech this morning that all measures would be taken to protect Afrin’s residents. He praised the “heroic” actions of the armies, Turkey’s NTV reports.

Erdogan said that Turkey and its allies have not invaded Afrin, but rather “saved” the city from the “oppression” of terrorists. “This operation has shown the whole world that Turkey sides with the oppressed,” he said, as cited by Rudaw.

The Turkish Army released a number of videos and photos reportedly from inside Afrin. The footage shows tanks rolling down the street, as soldiers wave Turkish and FSA flags.

I don’t like Erdogan, but whatever.

In this case, his interests have overlapped with the interests of people who hate kikes and are trying to wrestle American foreign policy back from these filthy ratfaced terrorists.

It is now going to be reaaaaaal hard to make an argument for invading Syria. There is nothing even going on there anymore.

And if Israel starts bombing it just creates a “bro what’s your problem” type situation. We won’t be required to back them up.

I think we’re in the clear.

Unless Israel bombs themselves and says Assad did it. Then we will have an issue. The fact that children aren’t taught about false flagging in elementary school is a real serious problem, because people apparently don’t just naturally think of it.

That was one good part of the whole Parkland/David Hogg fiasco as whether or not he actually was a crisis actor, it got people thinking about that concept – to the point where David Hogg’s entire agenda now is just trying to explain that he’s not an actor.

And that’s a good thing.

Because they are going to keep doing this. It’s a big part of the way the world operates.

The Russian traitor being poisoned in the UK was clearly a false flag. Russia has said as much.

Furthermore, Russia is saying the US is planning false flags in Syria right now.

But like I say, they’ve already done that a couple times, and I don’t think it is enough to get the US to literally invade the country. It is enough to get them to give weapons to terrorists, but with the Kurds out, no one’s left.

Israel false-flagging a bombing on themselves though – that would be enough to get the US involved.