Turkey Says High-Level Death Squad Hit Journalist as It Emerges They Were Luring More People to Consulates

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2018

Yes, this story is still going.

Trump is finally going hard, saying they’re lying.

Turkey keeps coming out with new stuff, daily.

USA Today:

Saudi Arabia started planning journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder days before he vanished inside its consulate in Istanbul, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday as he revealed details about the investigation into Khashoggi’s killing. 

Erdogan said Turkey had amassed evidence that clearly showed that The Washington Post columnist was killed in a premeditated and “savage” murder that involved at least three separate teams of Saudi intelligence agents, including a military general.

Erdogan was speaking to parliament as part of his pledge to unveil the “naked truth” about a case that has shocked the world and raised suspicions that a Saudi hit squad planned Khashoggi’s killing after he walked into the consulate on Oct. 2, and then attempted to cover it up. Erdogan said Khashoggi was “ferociously murdered.”

He said that Saudi operatives first activated a plan to capture and kill Khashoggi after the journalist initially visited the consulate in Istanbul on Sept. 28. Ergodan called on 18 suspects — Saudi nationals all — detained in Saudi Arabia to be extradited to Turkey for trial and demanded that Saudi authorities in Riyadh provide information about who ordered the operation and the whereabouts of Khashoggi’s still missing body.

However, Ergodan made no reference to audio recordings leaked to Turkish media over the last three weeks that purport to show how Khashoggi was killed.

He said the three teams of Saudi agents arrived in Istanbul on different days and flights and some members of one of the teams went on a reconnaissance mission to a forest outside Istanbul where investigators have been searching for Khashoggi’s remains. Most of the security cameras outside the consulate were removed, he said.

I don’t think Erdogan is lying. He has no reason to pretend he has stuff he doesn’t have – he’s going to have to show it at some point, and in fact he’s saying he wants to show it.

There is no way that this was a fist fight gone wrong, or that they planned to just kidnap him. They were planning to kill him and chop him up, exactly as they did. They are that stupid. And there is no way Prince Salman – who is commonly known in the West by his nickname, “MbS” – didn’t order it.

Trump needs to distance, distance, distance. Cut the cord. Cut the military sales. Put Ivanka at the UN and get her and Kushner out of Washington.

As Ann Coulter said.

There are allegations now that Saudi had more embassy plots.


The murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has sent a chill through exiled dissidents, with many revealing discreet government attempts to lure them to their embassies as an apparent “trap” to return them to the kingdom.

Saudi exiles in three different countries have recounted what appeared to be official attempts to bait them into the kingdom’s diplomatic missions, exposing them to potentially the same fate as Khashoggi.

Omar Abdulaziz, a 27-year-old Saudi activist exiled in Canada, said he was approached earlier this year by Saudi officials who urged him to visit their embassy with them to collect a new passport.

“They were saying ‘it will only take one hour, just come with us to the embassy’,” Abdulaziz, who rankled authorities with a YouTube show that satirized the Saudi leadership, said in a video posted on Twitter.

He refused to go, fearing a trap, and two of his brothers and a handful of his friends were arrested in the kingdom, he said, thus validating his suspicions.

The Washington Post said it received hours-long tapes from Abdulaziz of his conversations with those officials, which he secretly recorded.

Abdullah Alaoudh, a Saudi scholar at Georgetown, said he was subjected to a similar “plot” in Washington.

Last year, when Alaoudh, son of prominent cleric Salman al-Awda who is jailed and faces trial in the kingdom, applied to renew his passport at the Saudi embassy in Washington, he says he was told to return to the kingdom to complete what appeared to be basic formalities.

“They offered me a ‘temporary pass’ that would allow me to return to Saudi Arabia,” Alaoudh told AFP.

“I knew it was a trap and just left with my expired passport.”

Canada and the US.


Chopping up in first world countries…

I believe this is probably true.

If they did it once, why would they not do it other times?

Maybe they got away with it before, when there wasn’t a wifey outside waiting in the parking lot, and the victim wasn’t a WaPo journalist (who is obviously also some kind of intelligence asset shill for the Muslim Brotherhood, possibly employed by some Western intelligence agency)?

I don’t care if people kill their enemies. I understand that. And I don’t think it’s any of my business, unless their enemies are my friends. But what I do care about is people who are fucking exceptional. And this is some of the most exceptional shit I’ve ever seen.

We as a country simply cannot be tied to people this stupid.

This is the perfect opportunity for us to get the hell out of Dodge – and by “Dodge,” I mean the shithole Middle East.

We can keep paying the Jews. Fine. Whatever. But the rest of this shit just needs to end.

Syrian war is over. Iran is ready to make a deal.

We have our own oil.

Let’s just get out.