Turkey: Erdogan Calls Referendum to Establish Turkish Caliphate

Daily Stormer
April 16, 2017

Erdogan is going to make the president a Sultan again.

The thing about hardcore dictatorship, is that it works really well.

In spite of the fact that the West has been totally Jewed for many decades, we’ve been able to keep the Moslem hordes mostly in check by forcing them to adopt ineffective, stupid government methods like parliamentary republics and democracies, just like ours.

But if Turkey is going back to some kind of Sultan-based system, we might have a real problem on our hands.


The final day of campaigning in Turkey has ended ahead of a referendum on whether to grant sweeping new powers to the president.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seeking to replace the parliamentary system with an executive presidency.

Approval could see him stay in office until 2029.

Even this monkey knows how the world works.

Last year, Erdogan staged a fake coup against himself in order to crack down on all his enemies. He purged the entire country of the politicians, judges, journalists and university professors he doesn’t like. Now he’s asking the remaining people if they want him as an emperor.

This is exactly what Trump didn’t do. And look where that got him.

Supporters say a “yes” vote would streamline and modernise the country; opponents fear the move would lead to increasingly authoritarian rule.

It’s going to do both. Authoritarian rule is more modern and more streamlined than parliamentary debates and endless rules preventing anyone from doing what the Jews don’t like.

If the referendum vote falls in Mr Erdogan’s favour, it would give him vastly enhanced powers to appoint cabinet ministers, issue decrees, choose senior judges and dissolve parliament.

The GOD EMPEROR of the turks!

The campaign, which has polarised the country, could bring about the biggest change to the governing system since the modern republic was founded almost a century ago.

It takes place under a state of emergency which was imposed following a failed coup last July. A government crackdown since then has seen tens of thousands of people arrested.

President Erdogan told supporters at one of his final rallies on Saturday in Istanbul’s Tuzla district: “The new constitution will bring stability and trust that is needed for our country to develop and grow. Turkey can leap into the future.”

Mr Erdogan assumed the presidency, a largely ceremonial position, in 2014 after more than a decade as prime minister.

The referendum on constitutional change would abolish the post of prime minister, allowing the president to bring all state bureaucracy under his control.

Man, I wish we could leap into the future like this.

A Moslem Sci-Fi future? How gay is that?

Liberals will say that without democracy and human rights, we’d still be in the middle ages. That’s completely backwards.

If our systems weren’t so Jewed out, we’d already be exploring the stars right now, converting insectoid aliens to Christianity with laser swords and space ships designed like gothic cathedrals. Can you imagine this? Wew.

Even a Moslem-spaceship-future is cooler than the tranny future we’ve got lined up at the moment. Unfortunately (or fortunately), brown people can’t really do science, so that’s not going to happen.

The only people who can create the Starship Trooper fascist timeline we want will be White people. Jews, democracy, human rights, homos and furries are standing in the way of that. What are you going to do about it?

Trannies, or interstellar wars? Your choice, White man. Your choice.