Turkey Endorses Ukrainian Reconquista of Crimea

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has endorsed the kook conspiracy theory that Crimea is a part of the Ukraine.

This is clearly part of a larger emerging agenda of the NATO system against Russia.

UA Wire:

Turkey is committed to a strategic partnership with Ukraine, intends to expand cooperation with Kyiv in defense and does not recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea, said Turkish President Recep Erdogan after talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Istanbul.

We stand for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. We reaffirmed our principled decision not to recognize the annexation of Crimea,” Erdogan said, adding that he also supports the Crimean Platform, Kyiv’s initiative to involve the international community in solving the peninsula problem.

“We hope that this initiative will bring positive results for all the peoples of Crimea, including the Crimean Tatars,” TASS quoted the Turkish president as saying.

According to Erdogan, during the meeting with Zelensky, it was decided to start negotiations on strengthening cooperation in the defense industry.

“We have started new consultations in the 2+2 format (talks of the foreign ministers and the Defense Ministry of the two countries),” Erdogan said. – . Our cooperation in the defence industry is by no means an initiative against third countries.”

As a result of the talks, Erdogan and Zelesnky issued a joint declaration emphasizing Ukraine’s plans to join NATO.

“It was agreed to express support for the prospect of Ukraine’s membership in NATO, in particular its intention to be accepted in the NATO Membership Action Plan in the near future,” the document reads.

Erdogan is the single most competent and intelligent world leader, and he’s played his neighbors against one another brilliantly as part of a long term strategy to expand Turkey’s global influence without doing anything to improve Turkey. He is a foreign policy genius, frankly.

His opinion on this Ukraine question is relevant because of the map:

If Turkey were to side with Russia or otherwise refuse to cooperate with the Western Alliance Against Russia (WAAR), the whole thing would be a lot more complicated.

The ZOG military is currently, on the orders of somebody, moving warships into the Black Sea. Bizarrely, we do not actually know who is ordering this, but it has been ordered.

These sorts of threatening maneuvers happen without resulting in wars, of course. We have seen the US military and NATO (collectively known as “ZOG”) move ships and jets around a lot in the last ten years.

But everything now seems to be coming to a head. Whoever is controlling the military under Joe Biden wants to start a war with someone, and this is more and more looking like it is going to be a Reconquista of Crimea.

However, America is also severely menacing China as well with warships, and the Jews seem ready for war with Iran, so who knows.

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It will be up to China to decide if they want to help Russia or not. You would think that China and Russia would have made some sort of mutual defense pact, but as far as I can tell, none of their agreements are anywhere near the level of the NATO agreements.

If the Ukraine joins NATO then they can say, retroactively, that Russia has violated NATO by “invading” Crimea.