Turkey Cracks Down on Anal Uprising

Saudi Arabia is going full anal and appears to be seriously considering going double anal.

Along with embracing the male anus, and the erectile penetration thereof, Saudi has also endorsed feminism, which drives up the demand for men’s anuses.

What this ultimately will mean is that Turkey is going to become the religious center of gravity for Sunni Islam.


Turkey’s president has lashed out at the country’s LGBT movement amid a wave of student protests.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan praised the youth wing of his ruling AK Party for carrying the “glorious history of this nation” and not being “LGBT youth”.

On Saturday four students were arrested in Istanbul over a piece of artwork that reportedly combined LGBT symbols with an image of an Islamic site.

There were more protests at Bogazici University after Mr Erdogan’s speech.

A total of 159 people were detained on Monday – more than at any previous point during weeks of demonstrations – although about 100 were released the next day.

Homosexuality is legal in Turkey but official opposition to the LGBT community has grown in recent years. The Istanbul Pride march was banned for five years in a row up to 2019. Covid-19 prevented any attempt to hold it in 2020.

Public opinion is generally conservative and the LGBT community has reported widespread discrimination and harassment.

Expect Turkey to keep doing gestures like this. Erdogan is smart, and he’s going to continue to court terrorists and other conservatives in the religion that Saudi is rejecting in favor of the Jews.

Erdogan knows that the West won’t punish him for doing anything, because of the way he’s leveraged mass immigration.