Turkey and Albania Apparently Plotting to Dump Moslem Rapefugees in Greek Areas of Albania

Diversity is only your greatest strength when your enemies have it.

Free West Media:

Albania and Turkey have signed a military cooperation plan, but this document has attracted increased media attention because it is shrouded in secrecy. Albanian media are confident that the leaders of the two countries have agreed to relocate 30 000 Syrian refugees to southern Albania. This news alarmed Greece, since around 120 000 ethnic Greeks live the region known as Northern Epirus.

Athens fears that Ankara and Tirana agreed on such a plan in order to “dilute the national minority in this Albanian region”.

On February 27, 2020, the defense ministers of Albania and Turkey signed a plan for military cooperation but details of the document were not disclosed. It is only known that part of the agreement “includes actions which the ministries of defense of the two countries undertake to carry out in 2020 in order to strengthen and intensify cooperation in the field of security and defense”.

The Albanian, and subsequently the Greek media have claimed that Ankara and Tirana are talking about their intention to accommodate 30 000 “refugees” and illegal migrants in Albania, who are now in Turkey.

Let’s hope this makes the average Greek normie think twice about letting immigrants in Greece proper.

I know far more of them already do than in other countries, but apparently still not enough of them to vote the nationalist party Golden Dawn into power.

News agencies citing sources, claim that the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed on this earlier. At the same time, the area where migrants will be relocated to has also been determined – in Northern Epirus, located on the border of Albania and Greece.

Greece liberated this area during the First Balkan War in 1912–1913, but the international powers decided to give it to Albania, with the same scenario being repeated after the World War II. The region thus remained in Albania.

Greek newspapers reported that Orthodox Greeks in the area “were constantly harassed by Muslims”.

Tensions intensified in the 1990s. Today, there are even fewer Greek schools in the region, “the shops of Greeks are attacked, property is sometimes confiscated by means of a far-fetched pretext, and they are not allowed to conduct religious rites”. In addition, Greeks are discriminated against on a national basis. For example, Greeks can neither serve in the police, the army, nor occupy high positions of state, etc.

Albanian media reported in early March that the construction of six refugee reception centers were being planned on the border with Greece, able to accommodate 30 000 people, as well as first aid centers. It was noted that construction was necessary if ever “Albania faces an influx of Syrian refugees from Greece”.

Northern Epirus is majority Greek, or at least it was the last time I checked, and it’s right on the border with Greece proper.

For some reason, Germany and NATO and others have continually insisted that it is part of Albania.

Can someone explain why?

Surely, it can’t be because they might need a (((crisis))) around this area at some point, and this would be an easy way to get it.

They’d never do something like that, right?


More information has been leaked since: that “work is being carried out to provide the resettlement of refugees either in rural houses or in new special settlements in the area”. At the same time, the media has been drawing attention to the fact that Tirana has no money for the construction of the corresponding infrastructure.

Albania is still struggling to recover from the earthquake that happened on November 26, 2019.

Additional indirect confirmation of cooperation between Tirana and Ankara, is the fact that, in the background of the Coronavirus pandemic, Albania has banned all international flights to the capital, except flights to and from Istanbul.

There is no official evidence that Turkey and Albania have entered into a secret agreement. However, the Greek community in Northern Epirus is very concerned about this prospect.

Thodoris Goumas, the editor of the news portal Himara.gr, which is located in one of the biggest Greek towns of Northern Epirus Himara, gave an interview to the Greek newspaper Protothema. He expressed the huge misgivings that both native Greeks and their brethren in Northern Epirus have about the deal between Ankara and Tirana.

“The activities of the Albanian Prime Minister are rather suspicious, rumors do not come out of nowhere. The choice of the Northern Epirus region for resettlement of Muslim refugees means a deliberate provocation against Greece,” Goumas concluded.

Vladimir Avatkov, associate professor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, noted the existence of rather close ties between Ankara and Tirana and believes that agreements regarding the resettlement of refugees to Albania quite likely exist:

Turkey is an extremely active player in the Balkans, it proceeds from the fact that Albania, like many other states on this peninsula, is within Turkey’s sphere of influence. Ankara supported Tirana’s entry into NATO. It is through Albania, as well as through some other states of the Balkan peninsula, that Turkey pursues its active policy of influencing Europe.

“Albania is also important from the point of view of the refugee transfer, and for blackmailing Europe with the migration crisis. Turkey proceeds from the fact that it is a world power and is capable of exerting pressure on a number of states, including the developed countries of Europe.

“In addition, despite the fact that some states of the Balkan peninsula have a negative historical perception of Turkey due to the fact that it occupied these lands a while back, some states have close ties with Ankara and carry out functions of a conductor for Turkey.”

I don’t think this genius plan is gonna work out, for the simple reason that you can’t live off welfare in Albania.

Ukraine tried to do this too after their independence, when they started bringing in Crimean Tatars into Crimea as an attack on the Russians who formed the majority there, and it failed for the same reason – there just wasn’t enough welfare to lure them in. The only way these people will tolerate the cold is if they’re getting paid heftily.

Any so-called refugees that Erdogan herds into Albania are gonna try to make their way to the welfarestans up north, probably through Italy since the two countries are close enough that you can travel by dinghy easier than you can from Turkey to Greece.

Diversity is not a strength, and it never was, it’s just a weapon you can use against your enemies.

And anybody who tells you otherwise is an enemy.