Tulsi Gabbard Goes on Sean Hannity to Promote Legalizing Heroin (???)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2020

Tulsi Gabbard actually is a kook who has dumb positions and is only interesting as a novelty candidate that hates Jews and wants to transfer ballistic missiles to Hamas.

That said, if Sean Hannity is going to have her on, why isn’t he just going to talk about the thing they agree on: that the Democrat Party is completely corrupt? What is the point of pressing her on her idiotic views about drugs, which are shared by all Democrats now?

And why would Gabbard bring such issues up, when she ostensibly has an opportunity to appeal to a certain part of the Republican base by talking about the corruption of the Democrat Party?

Tulsi was on Sean Hannity this week, and the Fox News host asked her if there was any issue she could find common ground with Donald Trump on, which I guess is an interesting question maybe but actually not really because no one cares.

Gabbard herself started talking about legalizing drugs.

“There’s far more we want to do on criminal justice reform,” the Congressperson said. “I would love to be able to work with President Trump on ending this failed war on drugs.”

“Do you want to legalize drugs?” Hannity asked.

“I think we need to look at the model in Portugal where there has been decriminalization and in some cases legalization and regulation so we treat substance abuse and addiction as a health care issue,” she said.

“You’re ducking — you’re dodging,” Hannity said, dumbly. That is actually a pretty direct answer for anyone who knows what “Portugal” is. Portugal is a country in Europe that decriminalized possession of all drugs and it has been an absolute disaster, with kids just shooting up dope on the playground.


Why would Sean Hannity not know that? Does he not read the internet?

This whole idea of filling television with people who are just as stupid as the average American was irresponsible and evil, and just shows what happens when you decide making money should be your only goal in any endeavor.

Sean Hannity is a guy who should be fixing your refrigerator, not telling millions of Americans how to view the world. He is basically masculine and apparently in good shape. (When I type “Sean Hannity body” into Google Images, I only get pictures of him in a suit, but I think he’s doing a pretty good job of taking care of himself, which is more than most people can say.) So maybe he could be a high school gym coach, and give kids inspirational speeches about “giving it your best.” But no more.

The claim by these “just legalize all drugs” people is that people want to do drugs more if they’re illegal. Well, what about vape? Everyone is hooked on that, so they’re outlawing certain flavors, and I guarantee that this is going to cut down on usage. No one doubts that.

Marijuana usage has shot up since it was decriminalized. Basically, people don’t want to do illegal things, and people assume if things are not illegal, they must be safe.

I can understand feeling like it is unfair to send people to prison for being drug addicts. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I can understand it. But the solution is not to decriminalize drugs – that is just lunatic gibberish. The solution would be to focus primarily on distribution networks. That would start with closing the border, and then it would involve the death penalty for dealers.

But the “criminal justice reform” people, like the Democrats and the Trump administration, believe in letting drug dealers out of prison. In fact, getting caught with a few grams of heroin is already not that big of a deal, and you can pivot it into a treatment program rather than a prison sentence – and I’m not necessarily going to go hard against a policy like that. But I do think that drug dealers have to be killed. That is simply obvious. And there has to be more aggressive action going after them. That would start by raising the average IQ of the police.

Tulsi also called for Tom Perez to step down, which was a much more interesting and relevant topic that was just skimmed over. She also brought up the criminal Jew Bloomberg, but Hannity didn’t have any interest in discussing that – even though that is the topic of the hour, given the collapse of Joe Biden.

1/5, Sean.

Hilariously, Hannity interviewed Tulsi a few months ago and it was an actually very good interview about Hillary Clinton being a criminal.

I personally like Tulsi and think she has only as many bad ideas as any current day politician, and I think she is generally liked by both the left and the right. So I like that she – even though she isn’t actually white herself – serves as a point of connection between white people on the left and the right.

That should be embraced by everyone. I want to be reunited with my confused brothers and sisters trapped in the Jewish hoax of Jewish liberalism.

Instead, she is attacked by everyone on the left, brutally, as a Russian agent and a terrorist supporter, and for some reason Tucker Carlson is the only one on the right that can have her on and simply focus on points of agreement.