Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out Potatus on Twitter, Only Matter of Time Until He Lashes Out!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2019

We have found that Trump has been locked in a Skinner Box by his handlers, and has no idea what is going on in the world beyond what the handlers tell him, curated news articles they print off for him and what appears on Fox News.

His only real contact with the outside world seems to be his Twitter.

He found out somehow that Ann Coulter was critiquing him, and unfollowed her on Twitter, so this proves, if nothing else, that he seems to pay some attention to his Twitter. Tulsi, unfortunately, didn’t even @ him.

I don’t think Trump knows what’s going on with the foreign policy stuff.

He probably just farms that out to Pompeo, Jared and Bolton. The troika probably tell him that they’re taking out the bad guys in the Middle East and Trump just shoots them the big thumbs up and the classic white power “OK” symbol before he gets back to doing… whatever it is that he does all day in the White House.

Makin’ deals, probably. 

He’d probably be shocked to find that America is still supporting Al-whoever in the Middle East, poor guy.

Anyways, Tulsi is by far the most interesting candidate out there now. 

She’s critiquing Israel and she’s critiquing Trump for good measure – to be fair, the two go hand in hand.

Yang’s biggest defect is that he is boring AF and I haven’t seen any new memes or #yanggang content for a while because of that absolutely fatal character flaw of his.

Tulsi, on the other hand, while she may not be offering me $1000, is BTFO’ing kikes and their enablers and doing memeable things, so for now, the pendulum is swinging her way. I would like to see her court controversy on the same level as Ilhan Omar, but the fact that she’s not a Moslem and is articulate means that she’s not quite as easy pickings and the Boomercons don’t want to tangle with her.

That being said, Tulsi’s #1 goal right now should be to get into a Twitter fight with the Potatus.

She needs the exposure and we need the memes. 

Tulsi needs to go there and this Al-Qaeda tweeting is a step in the right direction, but it’s not enough. She needs to do what Ann did and tweet out the Potatus meme.

There are now so many variations to choose from as well, although this one is clearly the best:

Please tweet this at him, Tulsi.

It’s very important that you do so.