Tulsi Gabbard Being Crucified for Skepticism Over GAS BABY MEME Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 11, 2017

In this age of ours, denying the veracity of GAS BABY MEME is like denying the idea that if a man cuts off his penis he becomes a woman.


A pair of veteran leaders on the left, former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden, called on Hawaiians to vote Rep. Tulsi Gabbard out of office after the Democrat questioned whether Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was responsible for last week’s chemical attack.

“People of Hawaii’s 2nd District — was it not enough for you that your rep met with a murderous dictator? Will this move you?” Tanden tweeted Friday in response to Gabbard’s comments on CNN that she is “skeptical” Assad is responsible for the chemical attack.

Dean compared Gabbard’s comments to President Donald Trump’s Twitter blasts.

“This is a disgrace. Gabbard should not be in Congress,” the former Vermont governor tweeted. He later added, “She sounds like Trump making excuses.”

Gabbard told CNN on Friday that she wants to achieve peace in Syria, “Why should we just blindly follow this escalation of a counterproductive regime-change war?”


“There’s responsibility that goes around,” Gabbard said.”Standing here pointing fingers does not accomplish peace for the Syrian people. It will not bring about an end to this war.”

Gabbard has also said she is concerned about sparking a nuclear war with Russia, which backs the Assad regime. Tensions between the US and Russia have mounted since the strike, with Russian officials alerting US officials that they were shutting down a line of communication designed to keep Russian and US warplanes from colliding over Syria, although a senior US military official disputed that the communication channel was suspended.

But Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Sunday that he wanted to be clear the missile strike was a decision solely in retaliation for the chemical attack.

You see, this is how they do you.

It’s like with the stupid fake Jewish Holocaust – if you say you don’t believe it happened, it means you actually support it.

If you say you don’t think Assad would drop chemical gas on his own people a week after the US said they don’t want him out of power, then you support gassing babies randomly.

Tulsi Gabbard

Just for anyone who doesn’t know who this woman is, she isn’t an immigrant or a Mexican, she’s a native Hawaiian. So you can’t really blame her for being a nonwhite in our government, since she’s a native of one of our colonies.

That also means she has no collective racial agenda, in the way the blacks, Moslems, Mexicans, etc. do.

She’s basically the only person in our government right now who is actually saying the truth about the situation in Syria, so I support her.

I won’t go as far as Richard Spencer and call for her to be President though lol.

I mean, it’s reasonable to support a woman or a nonwhite political figure when their agenda overlaps with yours significantly as it does in this case, but we can’t go overboard.

Plus, other than the race/female issue, she was a Bernie supporter and besides her pro-Assad, pro-Russia foreign policy positions, all of her domestic stuff is the usual extreme-liberal kookery.

But yeah, no issue supporting her on this issue. No one else to support.