Tulsa: Officer Betty Shelby Charged with Manslaughter in Death of Unarmed Google

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 23, 2016

This terrible, murderous woman will be sent to prison where she belongs.

They can put her on the same block as all the other convicted murderers: George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, Daniel Pantaleo, those six cops from Baltimore who drove the van wrong, the two from Cleveland, etc.

All rightfully charged and convicted of the murder of unarmed googles.

Fox News:

A female Tulsa police officer was charged with first-degree manslaughter Thursday in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man.

Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler filed the charge against Officer Betty Shelby after viewing dashcam video and helicopter video of the Sept. 16 shooting, according to a statement from his office.

The statement said Kunzweiler reviewed 911 calls, witness interviews and other information before making the decision to charge Shelby. Kunzweiler said arrangements were being made for Shelby’s surrender.

“I do not know why things happen in this world the way they do,” Kunzweiler said, adding that he determined first-degree manslaughter the appropriate charge. “We need to pray for wisdom and guidance.”


Video from the shooting and its aftermath showed Crutcher walking away from Shelby with his arms in the air. The footage does not offer a clear view of when Shelby fired the single shot that killed Crutcher. Her attorney has said Crutcher was not following police commands and that Shelby opened fire when the man began to reach into his SUV window.

Crutcher’s family immediately discounted that claim, saying the father of four posed no threat to the officers, while also pointing to an enlarged photo from police footage that appears to show Crutcher’s window was rolled up.

Police have said Crutcher did not have gun on him or in his vehicle.

“The tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Mr. Crutcher are on the hearts and minds of many people in this community,” Kunzweiler said. “It’s important to note that despite the heightened tensions felt by all, which seemingly beg for an emotional response and reaction, our community has consistently demonstrated the willingness to respect the judicial process.

They’re doing a better job than Charlotte, that’s for sure!


Among the definitions in Oklahoma for first-degree manslaughter is a killing “perpetrated unnecessarily either while resisting an attempt by the person killed to commit a crime, or after such attempt shall have failed.”

“We are happy that charges were brought, but let me be clear, the family wants and deserves full justice,” said Solomon Simmons, the family’s attorney.

“Never lose sight of these cases,” he added. “It’s not about hashtags, it’s about people.”

If convicted, Shelby could face a minimum of four years in prison.

Shelby, who joined the Tulsa Police Department in December 2011, was on her way to a domestic violence call when she encountered Crutcher’s vehicle abandoned on a city street, straddling the center line.

Shelby did not activate her patrol car’s dashboard camera, officials said, so no footage exists of what first happened between the two before other officers arrived.

As we laid out yesterday, Crutcher was high on PCP and ran from his car, left in the middle of the road, because he thought it was going to explode.

Granted, it is unnatural and unfair to put a woman in this type of a situation, and we have no idea if her being a female and thus incapable of dealing with the pressure is why she did it or if it was totally justified.

Talking about “justified” is in itself ridiculous – he was directly disobeying the orders of cops who had their guns drawn on him. It is really, really hard to feel bad for the guy, even if there turns out to be no evidence of him reaching for something.

Though in the video, you see him going towards the car as they’re telling him to get on the ground.

It is absolutely insane that they just continue charging these cops for doing their jobs. Even though they all get off, this causes a chilling effect, where cops are afraid to confront google criminals, and so you have the Ferguson effect. Google crime is rising at a rapid rate across the entire nation as cops just stand down because the Obama government started charging them with murder for doing their jobs (I know it isn’t technically Obama doing it, but that is why it is happening).

It’s difficult to process this level of madness.