Tucows Domain Registry Also Dumps 8chan – We Have to Build Our Own Internet

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2019

Kevin Roose is an NYT journalist who is also by pure coincidence an anti-First Amendment activist.

Another company has responded to the outrage machine and banned 8chan.


Less than an hour before this weekend’s deadly mass-shooting in El Paso, Texas, the suspect appears to have posted a rambling post filled with white nationalist and racist statements on 8chan. After a day of waffling, Cloudflare announced it would cut the security services it had provided the far-right site. That exposed 8chan to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and for a time, the site was down. But 8chan soon found a way back online. Now, internet infrastructure companies are playing whack-a-mole, pulling the plug as other services step in to help 8chan get back online.

Soon after Cloudflare terminated its support for 8chan, another host and anti-DDoS protection company BitMitigate stepped in. BitMitigate’s owner, Epik, is notorious for providing services to sites like Gab and Daily Stormer, both known for their far-right supporters, including neo-Nazis and white supremacists. But Voxility, which was effectively providing service to Epik and BitMitigate, pulled its backend support for both. According to New York Times reporter Kevin Roose, Tucows, 8chan’s domain name registrar, will no longer support the site, either. At the time of this writing, 8chan is down.

I don’t know how stupid these motherfuckers actually are, but apparently they’re dumber than I suspected.

This is all of the stuff that happened to me back in 2017 happening to 8chan now, even though 8chan doesn’t even promote a political view, they just let people post whatever they want.

This system of pulling backbone services from websites is a slippery slope just like YouTube/Twitter/Facebook/PayPal/Amazon bannings. It is only a matter of time before people like Alex Jones, who have already been banned from all of the social media, have their domains, DDoS protection, nameservers and BGP peers pulled.

All the Jews have to do is ramp-up an outrage machine, and all of these companies do whatever the media tells them to do.

Basically, we just have to build our own internet on Tor. Orange Man isn’t going to do anything about this. He’s focusing on trying to shut down video games.

Everyone reading this right now is already on Tor, because otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. So I won’t bother shilling it. But as soon as we get back on the clearnet, I’m going to start shilling ultrahard, because basically, we just have to accept that the internet is never going to be free again, and we must live forever on Tor.

It will end up with everyone interesting on there anyway, and it is already easy enough for any normie to use, so it is not the end of the world. Daily Stormer is anti-fragile, and because we’ve already been reduced to only using Bitcoin for an income, there isn’t really anything else they can do to us. We will be available forever, or until I get assassinated.

People like Alex Jones, however, are not prepared for this. A lot of people are going to get lost in the shuffle. A lot of people, like MILO and Gavin McInnes, have already disappeared because they couldn’t survive without social media.

The golden age of freedom has ended.