Tucker Talks About NYT Publishing His Home Address, Pictures of His Home, Soliciting Violence

On his show on Monday, Tucker Carlson did a short segment at the end of the show on the plan by the New York Times to publish his new home address and pictures of his home.

Tucker correctly stated the obvious fact that the only reason the Times would do this is that they are trying to solicit violence against him. This is simply an obvious fact, and I’m not really sure how anyone could come up with an alternative explanation.

I think just randomly publishing the details of anyone’s home address is always going to be a questionable act. Certainly, it has historically been considered a kind of threat by the likes of the New York Times. The media has consistently attacked people who have doxed left-wingers online, claiming that they were soliciting violence.

With Tucker, however, the situation is much more extreme. Tucker has had his home attacked by Antifa goons on two separate occasions.

This is an image of the mob outside of his house in 2018.

They banged on his door as his wife was hiding in a closet. When the cops showed up, they spray-painted the “A for Anus” symbol on his driveway and finally left, only to come back again a few months later.

Tucker describes how it felt cowardly to leave his family home for a secret location, but felt he had no choice, what with having children in his home.

He should have thought that through better, because of course they’re going to find him and make a big deal of publishing his home address. You can’t really hide from these people if they know where you work.

I’m personally lucky to be able to work on the internet, which prevents them from publishing my home address. Of course, they’ve engaged in complicated harassment campaigns of my family, even going so far as to track down and threaten high school friends I haven’t seen or spoken to in decades. When one of that worked, the media began various other actions against me, including publishing fake quotes from me as a way to try to implicate me in something or other.

There is no point at which you can shame these people, or say “we wouldn’t do this to you!” Tucker says he called them and asked them how they would feel if his show published the addresses of the journalists who hunted him down, or of the editors that approved the story, and they had no answer.

Of course they have no answer. The Jews have always had a massive advantage over white people in that they are not held up by any kind of ethics. They believe that Christians are lower than animals, and there is nothing at all that would be wrong to do to us. They used to perhaps be held back by the morality of their own supporters, but at this point, there is no single leftist who is going to feel it is unethical to send a mob to physically attack and maybe even murder Tucker Carlson and his family.

If the Democrats win this election in November, life is going to get extremely difficult for Tucker Carlson, and I don’t really even know what he will do. Beyond sending the mob to his house, and making it illegal for him to defend himself, with the police not answering the phone if he calls and asks them for help, they are absolutely going to press charges against him for “hate speech.”

I think his show will be shut down before that. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of Fox News is just closed down within the first year of Democrat rule. Then, when there is no one to talk about it, they are going to start arresting right-wingers.

Recently, I heard a group of fed-controlled neo-Nazis talking about how they are in the process of launching a political party. As soon as I heard this announcement, it was obvious to me what was going on. Neo-Nazism is what they’re going to allow to exist in the new America – they will use them as the boogieman, and encourage all of the people who do not support the Democrats to get involved with neo-Nazism. They won’t ever explain why Fox News and Breitbart and everything else is shut down, they will just say “we allow free speech, look at these neo-Nazis,” and they will try to corral any remaining people who believe in freedom into that group, which they will use as an excuse for an endless shutdown on any other form of dissent.

This is going to be an absolute nightmare, on every level. If I were Tucker Carlson, I would be preparing to leave the country. It might be brave to stand and fight, but all they are going to do is arrest him, torture him, and make it illegal for anyone to talk about the fact that this has happened to him.

I guess that in the period after the election and before the inauguration, people will have a window of time in which they can flee the country.

The system they are creating will eventually collapse, probably sooner rather than later. When they have total dominance, this thing that they have where Jews, blacks, immigrants, homosexuals and white women are all working together to fight against white men will stop working. The white men will all be broken, in chains, or killed, and they will then begin to turn on each other. We’ve already seen the way that blacks are saying they want to kill white women and are beginning to speak out against Jews. As soon as the target of white men is gone, these conflicts are going to escalate, rapidly, and they will eventually tear the system apart.

But while the system has total power, and before it tears itself apart, things are going to be hellish. Just completely beyond anything you can imagine.