Tucker Slams Fox News for Cutting Away from Trump Team Press Conference

Tucker Carlson is not calling for martial law or a mass uprising, but he is coming close to the line, calling out the entire system as a hoax.

On Monday, he took a clear dig at Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, who refused to cover a press conference that the Real President’s team had that afternoon.

During the Monday press conference featuring Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and GOP Chairperson Ronna McDaniel, Cavuto said that the goyim can’t be shown this information.

Tucker is right when he says, “in a democracy” you can’t do this. I am not a fan of democracy, because I believe it ends up being rule by the media, and I don’t think that is a great place for a society. (I am a supporter of the traditional American system, which only allowed landowners to vote.)

In this system of democracy, the way the system is designed is to allow every individual person to draw their own conclusions. If you begin censoring information, and telling the people that they are too stupid to make their own decisions about this information, you no longer are following the rules of that system.

The fact of reality is that as bad of a system as democracy might be, Donald Trump was elected in this system. That means that the system cannot be allowed to function the way it was designed to function.

Democracy was forced on the world and promoted as the single best possible system on earth. Part of the agreement was that we would have free speech. Instead, we have mass censorship. By their own rules, this means that the system cannot function in the way it was intended to function.

Here is the full press conference.

And much more importantly, here is Tucker Carlson’s full examination of the voter fraud this nation is witnessing.

He is asking all of the right questions.

We shall see how long he’s allowed to stay on Fox News.