Tucker Says China is the Threat to America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2020

Tucker Carlson seems to be recovering from whatever issues he was having with his health (substance abuse problems), and is looking much better.

He gave a serious monologue on Friday about the dangers of globalism and the threat of China, which I appreciate.

But the problem with his theories about America vs. China is that they assume that America is somehow American, when in actual reality, America is totally controlled by the Jews.

Because America is so controlled by Jews, I personally think it is better to have China winning, because at least China is not Jewish.

Anyway, it’s a moot point, because it isn’t actually possible to return manufacturing to America. Even if someone wanted to do that, the corporations that control the government would collapse as a result of such a program, and wouldn’t go along with it. And Congress isn’t ever going to pass laws that are bad for these corporations.

It’s a nice idea to try to fix America, but I haven’t seen anyone explain how it is feasible without somehow taking back the stolen wealth from the Jews. And in order to take back the stolen wealth from the Jews, you would first have to point out that Jews stole all this wealth, and demand that Jews – as an ethnic ruling class – give back control of America to Americans.

Until that demand is made, loudly, all of the rest of this discussion is really just pointless.

Also, China has not done anything malicious. It was the decision of the American government to move all of our industry there. Painting China as the bad guy for simply accepting a good deal is dumb, and removes responsibility from the people who offered China the deal in the first place.

Furthermore, the Coronavirus is not a Chinese disease. I’ve seen no evidence of this. This is a disease that primarily affects China and Iran. It looks to me like it was a bioweapon released against China – presumably on the orders of Mike Pompeo – which has now gotten out of control.

The entire framing of this is wrong.

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