Tucker Says Biden’s Mass Immigration Policy is Designed to Punish Americans

Tucker Carlson on Monday night said that Joe Biden’s immigration policy is designed to racially punish white Americans.

As I’ve said, Tucker is still under investigation by the internet as relates to his actions following the fake election as well as his continued pumping up of State Department propaganda promoting a war in China to “free the gay anuses” of suspicious round-headed men with tiny little eyes.

BUT, we should probably consider that Tucker Carlson might be playing some kind of 88 dimensional chess.

Seriously, how is he allowed to say this on Fox News, while Lou Dobbs and the MyPillow Guy are banned?

QAnon should probably start looking for secret messages in Tucker Carlson monologues. I would be interested in the results of such an investigation.

Here’s the thing though: whether or not Tucker says it, we now have totally open borders, with people marching in. They are flying people in from everywhere. The media isn’t really reporting on it, and the government isn’t saying much. Also, the military is occupying the Capitol…

They’re saying they’re going to give all the immigrants citizenship. They appear to be trying to fill the place up very quickly so they can give a hundred million people citizenship before 2024.

Have You Seen This Shit?

Watch it.