Tucker ROUNDS UP Weinstein’s Jew-Enablers, Then MACHINE GUNS Them Into A PIT

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2017

Weinstein, Polansky, Woody Allen – what do they have in common?

They’re violent sexual predators. They’re above the law. And they’re Jews!

The Weinstein saga isn’t about sexual harassment, the patriarchy or even liberals. Any white liberal who behaved like Weinstein has for decades would’ve been destroyed a long time ago because they don’t have criminal networks of racially loyal enablers.

The reason the New York Times covered up the story in 2004 is because they’re Jews.

The reason other Hollywood moguls protected him and behave just like him or worse is because they’re Jews.

The reason politicians knew and didn’t care is because they’re paid by Jews.

The reason the Shiksas never said anything is because they’re afraid of Jews, or willing to fork over their pussy to be on good terms with Jews.

Here are some of the loudest and most militant feminist cunts Weinstein groomed. Their silence and tepid condemnations amidst this scandal is loud too!

Why are so many white women in Hollywood so aggressively anti-white, anti-family and anti-normal?

Because their pimp is a fat greasy Jew!

If you aren’t instructing, protecting and keeping an eye on your women, somebody else will gladly fill that vacuum.

Which is why Jews are the foremost driving force behind feminism, and why kikes like Weinstein give so “generously” to feminist causes. The key is to divorce women from their natural benevolent guides (us) so that they can not only do sexually demented things to them, but also politically weaponize them against us. The women of Hollywood are nothing but loyal hos in the harems of Jews like Weinstein.

This is something that only happens in two contexts: when an invading army takes over a population…and in white countries.

If this isn’t cassus belli for a national revolution, nothing is!

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