Tucker Reviews the Debate! Positive Review!

Tucker Carlson gave a very negative review of the first debate. I was happy to see he gave a good review of this second debate, even though I thought it was boring.

It seems that Donald Trump impressed everyone, in one or the other debate.

I thought it was pretty darn racist that Tucker posted a tweet from a black woman who thought when Trump talked about “coyotes” taking Mexican children across the border, he meant… the animal.

That black woman, Dar’shun Kendrick, is an elected official in Georgia.

She’s one of the leaders of the party in that state.

She’s also a lawyer.

She thought Trump was talking about coyotes the animal.

It’s racist to make fun of that.

Donald Trump is a dumb stupid-head, and he would start talking lies about animals carrying off children, maybe.

It’s really coming down to the line, here.

High stakes!

High stress!