Tucker Reports on YouTube’s Deletion of Doctors’ Anti-Lockdown Press Conference

Of course, once the government, media and corporations have stripped you of your most fundamental right – that to move around freely in public as you wish – they’re not going to let you keep the rest of your rights. This virus hoax is an excuse for the government to do anything they want to you.

As if censorship was not bad enough already, the coronavirus hoax is going to open up a whole new era of mass shutdown on freedom of speech. Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson reported on YouTube’s shutdown of a press conference held by Bakersfield, California Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, the co-owners of the only clinic in Bakersfield doing private testing for Covid-19.

As we have reported here on the Daily Stormer, the doctors claimed that the virus is basically exactly the same as the flu, and that the lockdown measures are insane. The video got over 5 million views before YouTube deleted it, claiming that it violated their “community guidelines.”

Apparently, these guidelines now mean that you are totally banned from disagreeing with anything the government and media do, even on something so basic as the meaning of scientific data.

It should be noted that the Jewish master of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, has gone on the record saying that advice on how to treat the virus which differs from the official claims of the government and media will be banned from her platform.

That I think is bad enough. Surely, if people want to take vitamin C for an infection, they have a right to do so.

Jewish Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that he has banned any attempts to organize protests against the lockdown, saying that it is “misinformation.”

However, the doctors in the deleted video did not give advice about how to treat the virus, nor were they organizing a protest. They simply said that based on the data, they do not believe the lockdown should continue. It was their professional opinion as respected members of the medical community. On Jew YouTube this is now just as banned as the Daily Stormer and Alex Jones.

Moreover, Tucker cited a recent article in The Atlantic by the Harvard Law Jew (a lot of Jews involved in this, shockingly enough) Jack Goldsmith entitled “Internet Speech Will Never Go Back to Normal” saying that we need to shut down freedom of speech on the internet to the same level as China.

I seem to remember that in 2017, when the hammer came down on me for my speech, that I said “this is just the beginning of the slippery slope, once you’ve decided people are not allowed to think one thing, that definition of what they’ve not allowed to think will continue to expand indefinitely until it encompasses everything that is not approved by the establishment.”

Then the same thing that happened to me happened to Alex Jones. Now normal doctors are not allowed to give their opinions.

You are getting to the point of total banning of all ideas that are not in lockstep with the establishment. And that will happen as a result of this virus hysteria.

What’s more, I think that very soon we’re going to start seeing arrests for speech, or at least even more new forms of censorship, such as the government ordering ISPs to block certain content as has been done in other countries. This lockdown is obviously incredibly important to the people in power, and they are going to do whatever they need to do to ensure that people continue to accept it.

Again, what you need to understand is that all of your rights are gone. This isn’t a joke. You either have freedom or you don’t, and the only thing that was keeping us with our freedoms was our willingness to defend them. People stopped being willing to defend these freedoms when the government and the media threatened them with the flu.

Somehow, I expect that many of the neo-Nazis who currently operate uninhibited on Twitter will not face any problems with their speech, as they go around encouraging people to surrender to the government (their argument is that because they are Nazis, they believe in a strong authoritarian state, as so we should surrender to the Jews who control this American authoritarian state, and that anyone who refuses is a “white conservative dumbass” and a “libertarian”).

But while these virulently pro-ZOG individuals who claim to be “dissidents” are allowed to remain very public, talking about how everyone needs to do whatever the government says to stay safe, legitimate voices opposing this Jewish lockdown agenda are simply going to disappear from view.

Just imagine that pro-lockdown neo-Nazis are allowed to operate freely while anti-lockdown gay California doctors are censored. That is how important this lockdown agenda is to the Jewish powers.

In a few months, you are not going to recognize the country you live in.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is actually what gets Tucker banned. He was on a dumb level, talking about how the virus came from China and so on, for which I was criticizing him, but now he’s completely turned around and is catching up with yours truly in giving real and fact-based analysis of this insane situation.

We should be thankful that Donald Trump is serving as something of a counter-balance to the media and government here, and is supporting protestors. But as we get deeper into this new virus-based lockdown regime, these voices of opposition are going to be drowned out by the noise.

Imagine that we are only going to be able to communicate over the internet because we’re going to be trapped in our houses, and they are actually going to increase censorship.