Tucker on Fredo: You Always Stand by Your Family

As everyone knows, Chris Cuomo, the most popular left-wing media host, was fired this week for talking to his brother about how to deal with lying sluts trying to ruin him.

I said this week that I didn’t care that Chris helped his brother discredit stupid lying sluts. But Tucker Carlson’s piece on why he doesn’t care about that was better than mine.

He said that you always help your family, no matter what – even if they are wrong. He said that doing this was the only moral thing that Chris Cuomo is known to have ever done.

His bit is at the beginning of the Monday show, here.

After saying that, he went through most of the same points I made – great minds and so on. But I thought that the part about sticking by family was really important.

You have to do that, or you’re not really even a human.

If your brother shows up with a corpse in his trunk, you don’t ask him what happened. You say: “I’ll get the shovel.”


Afterward you can be like “hey you’re a real asshole for killing that bitch and I don’t approve of it,” of course. But when he has a problem, the single thing you should do is help him. No matter what. There aren’t any exceptions.

But of course, there are all kinds of things that are like exceptions now, because many of you have already been completely betrayed by your families. Many of you have close family members who literally took the vax, and are now marked as Satan’s children. So yes, it is now complicated.

I don’t support being mean to vaxed family members, of course. But I do say: do not trust them, and do not spend time on them. They are already doomed, and they can only drag you down with them.

Any single person who willingly surrendered to this evil system, who gave over their own body to this system, does not have any self-respect, and they do not even believe they have value. If they thought they had value as human beings, they would not give their body to this system – they would die first.

So, someone who does not respect themself, someone who is willing to surrender their body and completely debase themselves, to sell their soul – that person cannot possibly ever care about anyone else. It’s maybe some kind of cliche, but if you do not love yourself, you cannot ever love anyone else.

It’s sad that all of this even needs to be said.

The good news is that as we are hunted by the vaxers, purebloods are going to begin building bonds between one another, like the old-fashioned Christians who were persecuted in Rome. If we have kept our blood pure, it means we do care about ourselves. It is the best test as to whether or not you can trust someone. A pureblood believes in himself, he believes he has value, he believes in higher purpose than the material, so there is a very high chance you can ride with him.

People who betray and abuse you are cowardly and weak people who don’t truly believe in God or anything else. They are miserable self-haters. As it becomes more and more difficult to remain pureblooded, those who do remain pureblooded will more and more become a kind of moral elite.