Tucker Muses About How Many People the FBI Sets Up

On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson went through the case of Michael Flynn, which was just dropped by the Justice Department after they came to the conclusion that the FBI set him up on purpose during the Russiagate investigation hoax.

We all presumably remember that to some extent or another – I certainly do, after having spent years writing about it. I have PTSD over the Russia hoax, and don’t even want to think about how much I remember of it, but the basics of the Flynn case were these: the FBI illegally wiretapped Flynn, then called him in for an interview about the phone call. They told him it was just routine and he didn’t need a lawyer, so he didn’t bring a lawyer. They asked him about the call they had illegally recorded, caught him in some technicality where they didn’t believe he was being fully truthful about the tape they had, and charged him with lying to the FBI.

Every charge that was brought in the Russiagate hoax was over a “process crime” that either involved lying to the FBI or lying to Congress. Except for the Jew Michael Cohen, who was running tax schemes. The idea that people are still paying the price for this hoax, even after it’s been exposed as a complete hoax and admitted it was a complete hoax, is very sad.

Tucker however cut to the core of the issue, which is this: if they’re setting up Michael Flynn, how many other people is the FBI setting up? How many people are in prison right now because the FBI had an agenda against them, and set them up for a fake crime?

In the post-lockdown world, where there is no law, these fed cops who were already operating with virtual impunity are going operate with total impunity.

That should be scary and we should be worried about that. Instead, we’re worried about the flu.