Tucker: Mueller Succeeded in Destroying Trump’s Presidency

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2019

Timestamped at 10:50

Tucker Carlson covered the Mueller hoax Thursday night, and made the point that we have all made: the Russia probe succeeded in its goal of forcing Donald Trump to bow down to the globalist agenda.

“In the ways that matter most, the Russia probe did end his presidency,” Tucker said in a segment which carried the chyron “Russia hoax ended Trump’s momentum.”

He noted that even the Republicans jumped all over this idiotic Russian hoax in order to prevent Trump from being able to do anything at all to change the status quo in the early period of his administration, when a new president is supposed to have all of the energy of the election behind him.

He continued:

An election that should have realigned our political process and changed this country had almost no effect. Two years later, virtually nothing has changed.

Millions are still flooding over our border from the third world, they’re encouraged by an army of nonprofits that instruct them to subvert and mock our laws.

The opioid epidemic rages on as horrible and as horrifying and destructive as ever.

Suicides are up.

Our troops are still bogged down in Syria and Afghanistan and many other places.

Goldman Sachs still controls our economy.

Tech companies are still spying on you and crushing your freedom of speech.

You can still have your life ruined for supporting the wrong candidate in public or for believing there are two genders.

Most ominous of all and most often ignored: Americans are dying younger and having fewer children.

None of this was ever resolved. None of it was ever talked about.

The Russia investigation didn’t destroy Trump. But it did a lot to destroy this country.

Once again, I feel like I’m watching a person on TV read my own thoughts back to me.

All of this is exactly what I’ve been saying.

They knew from the beginning that there was no way that the Russia investigation was going to go anywhere – they knew because the people who launched the investigation were the same ones who hoaxed the evidence. The pissgate dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the FBI and DOJ knew it was fake when they used it to get the FISA warrant to spy on Trump. They used that same hoax document – which we now know was largely copied off of a random blog by the author, Christopher Steele – to start this investigation.

The purpose of the entire thing was to thwart Trump’s ability to do anything, and to loom as this threat against him. If he doesn’t get with the program, it won’t ever go away.

He of course did get with the program. And it went away.

I am very glad to see Tucker saying plainly that Trump has done literally nothing whatsoever for the American people. Trump watches this show, and it is satisfying to know that he is hearing that his base knows that he hasn’t done a single thing.

More than that, however, I am just happy to have this information in the larger public space. I have personally been censored and financially drained to the point where I am unable to speak to a significantly large audience directly. Tucker’s reach is 20 times the reach I have, and he is also in the public debate in a way that forces people to acknowledge that someone is saying the things he is saying.

And what he is saying is that the goyim know.

A portion of Trump supporters will support him as a person no matter what he does, but an increasing number are realizing that nothing has changed under his rule and that in fact things have gotten worse.

I am happy to blame the Jews who hoaxed the Russia conspiracy for this. But it doesn’t really matter who is to blame. What matters is what’s happening, and what is happening is all of those things that Tucker listed off. All of the things that Trump promised us he would address, which we have not even had a conversation about, let alone tried to address.

This is the reason you now have a Yang Gang.