Tucker: Joe Biden is Supposed to be Non-Threatening, For a Threat Rides in on Him

Joe Biden’s speech was highly non-threatening. No one could feel anything but, “yeah, okay, I can get on board with that, sure – love and togetherness is great.”

Imagine that no one was interested.

The Hill:

Joe Biden’s speech Thursday night accepting the Democratic presidential nomination was the highest-rated event of the week for the Democratic National Convention, while drawing a smaller audience than Hillary Clinton’s speech at the convention in 2016, according to early estimates from Nielsen Media Research.

Biden’s speech was watched by 21.8 million people on TV, according to initial figures from Nielsen, beating out the early numbers for other major speeches at the convention earlier in the week. The figure, which does not include online streaming of the speech, is expected to grow when additional networks are added.

The early estimate for Thursday’s TV audience is a slight uptick from the previous night, when Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) delivered her acceptance speech to be Biden’s running mate and former President Obama spoke in support of his former vice president.

Still, the initial numbers mark a 21 percent drop from Clinton’s speech at the convention in 2016, when she accepted the Democratic nomination that year. It is also more than 38 percent lower than President Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican convention four years ago, which drew 34.9 million viewers.

As Tucker Carlson says in the above presentation, the views shared by Biden are not the views of the rest of the Democrat Party.

These people do not appear to want love and togetherness.

Instead they want violent division and hatred.

Here’s the Biden speech again, if you want to feel the love once more.