Tucker: Israel Closed Their Border, Nancy Pelosi Should Call Them Immoral

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2020

Interesting piece from Tucker Carlson this week: after noting that Israel closed their borders in response to Coronavirus, he said that Nancy Pelosi should denounce Israel over this horrible act of pure evil.

He said, “I’ll be waiting for that speech – probably forever.”

This subservience to Israel shown by the same politicians who tell us we have to flood ourselves with the filth of the entire planet might be a basic redpill for those of us around these parts, but a lot of folks are not yet woke on it.

Nancy Pelosi literally told a group of Israeli Jews that even if Washington, D.C. were to crumble to the ground, the American taxpayer would still be forced to shell out billions of dollars in free money to the Jews.

Meanwhile, she goes around telling you you’re evil for thinking that maybe during a plague, we should have some restrictions on our border.

What I will say is that Coronachan might be smarter than the Jews believe.